Best animated movie audio problems of 2006

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Monster House picture

Audio problem: In the shot where the kids are locked in the police car, banging on the windows yelling at the policemen, their cries are muffled as if the car was totally closed up. As the camera zooms in, you can see the front driver's side window is open so the kids' voices should be much clearer.

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Brother Bear 2 picture

Audio problem: Everybody knows that waterfalls are very loud. However, in the scene at Hakoni Falls, which is completely surrounded by waterfalls, it's silent as a tomb.

Brad Premium member
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The Little Cars in the Great Race picture

Audio problem: When Wrangler goes to sabotage the Champ's fuel supply, he approaches the gasoline tank saying, "Once the Champ knocks back a quart of this go juice, I think he'll find his get up and go, is all gone." Wrangler can be seen in the shot when he says, "Once the Champ", but his lips do not move. (00:20:10)

Casual Person
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