Best thriller movie audio problems of 2005

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V for Vendetta picture

Audio problem: When V says that he has never danced to any of the songs on his jukebox, a song is playing in the background, yet there is no record seen playing on the jukebox. This occurs even after V presses the button to activate the song.

Matt Lynch

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Sky High picture

Audio problem: When Will meets Layla at the bus stop he says to her "You're not going to believe what happened to me last night," however his mouth continues to move after he says this. (00:59:00)

Hamster Premium member

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The Island picture

Audio problem: When Lincoln 6 Echo is watching the the surgeons kill the other 'product' after giving birth, her heart monitor flat-lines well before the sound does. It beeps about 4 times before the shot changes to a closeup of the flat-line. (00:34:50)

James King III

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The Ring Two picture

Audio problem: When the deer are all grunting at Rachel and Aidan, the whistle of an elk can be heard despite the fact there are no elk in the scene. (00:30:40)

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The Amityville Horror picture

Audio problem: When Chelsea is screaming "Liar! Liar! Liaar!!" to her mother, Kathy, in one shot we see Chelsea's mouth still saying "liar," but no audio is heard. (00:47:05)

Hamster Premium member

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White Noise picture

Audio problem: When John Rivers is installing his new audio equipment, he says to his son "So you can watch your favourite show and I can watch my favourite show". John's mouth movements don't match what he is saying.

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Hostel picture

Audio problem: When the main character is talking to the American businessman near the end of the movie, when the businessman says "I mean did you do it real slow?" you can tell that his mouth does not match the words he is saying.

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The Crow: Wicked Prayer picture

Audio problem: When Pestilence puts the bug in his mouth, we hear a crunch as if he is chewing it, yet a few seconds later he spits it out and it is not chewed up at all.

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Wolf Creek picture

Audio problem: In the end of the movie, when Ben is found by two Swedish backpackers, the subtitles doesn't match with what the the woman is saying. The subtitles say something like "Come on, lets get him out of here", when in fact she says "Herregud hur kom han hit?", which roughly translates as "Oh my god, how did he get here?"

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The Protector picture

Audio problem: Just after the long continuous fight scene in the restaurant, one girl pulls out a knife to attack Tony Jaa. The knife makes a sound like it's being pulled from a sheath but it's not touching any other metal.


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Into the Blue picture

Audio problem: Notice when anything heavy hits the bottom of the ocean it makes a loud thud. The bottom is soft sand and wouldn't make noise.

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Cry_Wolf picture

Audio problem: When Owen says, "Be quiet, I'm trying to work on this story. It's due tomorrow," you can hear him typing, but there is nothing written on the screen.

cinecena Premium member

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Derailed picture

Audio problem: When the cop is telling Charles that he is going to circle the block, in the wide shot, his lips don't match the words. This happens a couple of minutes before Charles dumps the car into the river.

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Batman Begins picture

Audio problem: During Bruce's birthday party, the guests sing "Happy Birthday", but the song does not match their lips.


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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children picture

Audio problem: In the scene in the church where Tifa and Marlene are confronted by Loz, Loz approaches the two as he's talking and his boots are easily heard on the wood. When he notices the flowers, the scene shows, as he's looking down and the flowers are surrounding him, that the wooden floor is gone. When he asks, "Where's mother?" he takes a step forward and his boot is heard on wood. A few seconds later he takes another step, followed by the same boot on wood sound, when there shouldn't be any wood below him.


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XXX: State of the Union picture

Audio problem: Charlie takes Darius to the big mansion; Ice Cube says "Woah woah woah wait a minute; this is your home?", but his lips don't move. (00:40:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Sin City picture

Audio problem: When Dwight deduces that there is a spy among the girls in Old Town, there is a noticeable shift in the audio when he says "But first we gotta get our hands on Jackie Boy's head before it gets to wherever it's going and this whole situation blows wide open." The last three words of the line sound like they were re-dubbed.

Phaneron Premium member

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Three picture

Audio problem: During the Mardi Gras parade, Jenny buys a bracelet from a little girl. She turns to Jack and says, "Look, what do you think?" but her lips only say "Look." (00:02:40)

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