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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory picture

Other mistake: In the beginning of the song about Augustus Gloop, computer generated Oompa Loompas can be seen running through the Chocolate Room, preparing to sing their song. In the DVD release, some Oompa Loompas can be seen running to places that no real person could possibly stand on. This mistake was later corrected in the Blu-Ray release.


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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith picture

Other mistake: To escape from the elevator, Anakin cuts a hole in the ceiling. Later, when they rescue the Chancellor, they almost get crushed by another elevator (it is another one. Each elevator has a number. Obi Wan said the number of this elevator before and it was different than the one that had the hole). However, when a shot of this elevator is shown, it has the same hole that the other elevator has (better seen in slow motion).

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Son of the Mask picture

Other mistake: It was established in the first Mask that the mask does not work in the daytime, but it works during the day in this movie.

T Poston

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Zathura picture

Other mistake: It's been stated that Danny doesn't know how to read. This is evidenced by the fact that Walter has to read every card that Danny gets. When Danny first finds the game, he's able to read and even pronounce Zathura accurately even though he is illiterate.

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Herbie: Fully Loaded picture

Other mistake: When the NASCAR pit crew starts working on Herbie at the barn, they initially pull a bunch of parts and tools from their racetrack trailer. One man is carrying a distinctive VW-only wheel rim, which would definitely not fit their regular NASCAR car. The decision to race Herbie had just been made, so they would not have been carrying VW spare parts yet. Nor could they have pulled one of Herbie's wheels yet since they were still carrying the jack to the barn.

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The Crow: Wicked Prayer picture The Crow: Wicked Prayer mistake picture

Other mistake: In the opening scenes, when the gang is introduced, one of the members kicks three men and knocks them out, but you can see he misses all of them by at least 6 inches.

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Corpse Bride picture

Other mistake: During the opening credits (right after the fish chopping shot) two bearded gentlemen meet in the street. As they part, Lord Barkis suddenly appears behind them. But where did he come from? He didn't walk in from either side, we would have seen him. Nor was there any door he might have come through.

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The Muppets' Wizard of Oz picture

Other mistake: When Dorthy is trying to audition for the Muppet's the man says they are gone and the Muppet's bus pulls up. If you look when the bus is pulling up there is no one in it, even the driver seat is empty. Then a few seconds after the bus stops Kermit and Miss. Piggy come walking out.


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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe picture

Other mistake: When Aslan is resurrected, and the Stone Table cracks, you see Susan and Lucy stumble from the jolt and fall. If you watch closely, however, Susan prepares herself for the jolt before it ever happens. She throws her arms out and bends slightly at the waist, a few seconds before the jolt.

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Pooh's Heffalump Movie picture

Other mistake: Throughout the movie large footprints of heffalumps are shown. However, when the heffalumps bound around, they never create any footprints of any kind.

Wayne C.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire picture

Other mistake: At the very end, the Durmstrang ship is leaving, it's away from the 'bank', firing its cannon. And then we see the Beauxbatons girls leaving Hogwarts... Followed by Durmstrang students whose boat has already left. (02:22:00)

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Constantine picture

Other mistake: In the scene where John is in the apartment with the cat and Angela closes the door, John then says her name to get her to reopen the door. He says the wrong name, "Rachel" (the actress' name) instead of "Angela" (the character's name).

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Suggested correction: He's behind a door, so his voice is a little muffled, but if you listen closely, he definitely says "Angela." The "gel" in Angela sounds similar to the "chel" in Rachel.

Phaneron Premium member

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Fantastic Four picture

Other mistake: Julian McMahon's real Australian accent slips through when his assistant asks him if he should rest and McMahon says, "Later. First I have some unfinished business to attend to."

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A Sound of Thunder picture

Other mistake: When we see Middleton's bootprint, there is only one. There should be more than one bootprint as he goes along, even from one boot, as he walks toward the group to rejoin them.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Beowulf and Grendel picture

Other mistake: When Beowulf and the Geats discover the cave which hides the entrance to the Sea Hag's cave, there is a light shining up through the pool of water as though it opens up to sunlight on the other side. When Beowulf swims through to the other side however, he emerges into another equally dark cave. A bright clear light is still shining from under the water though. Both sides of the water tunnel open into dark caves. There is no light source, yet the light shines just the same on both sides.

Phixius Premium member

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