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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory picture

Factual error: In the scene in the glass elevator, when Mike Teavee wants to push a button, he presses the TV Room button. The elevator stops going down and immediately moves horizontally. The characters within the elevator are thrown against the wall from the sudden change. However, they are thrown against the wall that is in the direction the elevator is now moving, instead of the opposite wall as they should have been. (01:20:15)

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The Pacifier picture

Factual error: Shane is a lieutenant and the Principal is Petty Officer first class. Shane states the Principal is the senior officer. This is wrong as the Petty Officer is a Non Commissioned Officer, while Shane is a commissioned officer. Shane outranks the Principal.

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Ice Princess picture

Factual error: When the results list is posted at the regional competition. "Wooster, MA" is printed next to Zoey Bloch and Avril Dishaw. The correct spelling of the city is Worcester. Wooster is in Ohio.

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Madagascar picture

Factual error: In the sequence where the animals get on the first subway, it says they are on the 59th St subway. But, there is no 59th St subway in NY. The only subway station close to 59 is the 57th St subway.

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Suggested correction: While the other correction lists a 59th street, that's in Brooklyn. There is one in Manhattan though, 59th - Columbus Circle, which is also the south-west corner of Central Park.


Suggested correction: There is definitely a 59th street subway station: (BMT_Fourth_Avenue_Line).

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe picture

Factual error: When the train is travelling away from Paddington Station, the locomotive does not have a number on the buffer beam, but has a number plate on the smokebox door. It also has a large 'British Railways' symbol on the tender. In 1940, the Great Western Railway would have had the number on the buffer beam and a either a small GWR logo on the tender or Great Western in full. British Railways wasn't created until 1948.

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Kicking and Screaming picture

Factual error: Soccer officials are supposed to wear a color that is different than the teams he is officiating. The ref wears a blue shirt when officiating the tigers (who are blue) and then a black shirt when officiating the Gladiators (who are in black). The referee would have worn either his primary yellow for these or red, but never blue or black.

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Are We There Yet? picture

Factual error: At what is supposed to be the Portland, Oregon station, the train cars and conductor's hat are prominently labeled for a Canadian railroad. Passenger trains from Canada do not travel as far south as Portland.

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The Perfect Man picture

Factual error: Holly put a flame up next to a fire sprinkler in an out-of-the-way location, causing the sprinkler to activate. Every fire sprinkler in the building then went off too. This is not possible. Each sprinkler is self-contained and is individually activated by heat. Only sprinklers directly affected by heat will activate.

Wayne C.

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Chicken Little picture Chicken Little mistake picture

Factual error: When Chicken Little is in his bedroom, after he scored during his baseball game, he looks into the spoon he is using as a microphone to see his reflection. He looks into the side that is curved away from you. When you look at that side of a spoon your reflection is upsidedown, but Chicken Little's was right side up.

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Rebound picture

Factual error: When Ralph is shooting the final two free throws of the championship game, his feet cross the free throw line before the ball hits the rim. This is a lane violation in the National Federation of High Schools which governs middle and high school sports. The correct call would have nullified both shots and the points they scored.

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Cheaper by the Dozen 2 picture

Factual error: Eugene Levy brags that one of his children was a U.S. snowboarding champion in the slope style competition. The only snowboarding events that snowboarders compete in nationally are giant slalom and half pipe.

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Herbie: Fully Loaded picture

Factual error: In the scene during the first race with Matt Dillon, right after he spins Lindsay Lohan out, she grabs the gear shift. We see "magical electricity" head down the shaft and forward into the engine. But, the engine on Bugs is in the back. In other scenes, it is confirmed that the front hood on Herbie gives access to a trunk and not the engine.

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Yours, Mine and Ours picture

Factual error: The oldest of Frank's sons has the other five boys lined up facing him. He issues the command, "About face!" Each of the boys makes a quarter-turn to the right, which is "right face", not "about face."

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The Sandlot 2 picture

Factual error: One of the male character is shown wearing a BDU, or Battle Dress Uniform, which wouldn't be developed until the late 70s and wouldn't be released until around 1982, 10 years after the storyline.

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