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Batman Begins picture

Alfred: Why bats, Master Wayne?
Bruce Wayne: Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread.

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Sin City picture

Dwight: I can't tell if Miho is alive or dead, but I'm on my feet and every ounce of me wants to get some killing done.

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Lord of War picture

Yuri Orlov: I'm a one-man genocide.

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XXX: State of the Union picture

Zeke: The fate of the free world is in the hands of a bunch of hustlers and thieves.
Agent Steele: So why should tonight be any different?

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Fun with Dick and Jane picture

Dick Harper: Son of a bitch.
Jane Harper: That fucker.
Dick Harper: Hon, language.

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The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada picture

Melquiades Estrada: Promise me one thing, Pete. If I die over here, carry me back to my family and bury me in my home town. I don't want to be buried on this side among all the fucking billboards.

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The Interpreter picture

Tobin Keller: You lose somebody, you lose somebody. I don't wanna lose two somebodies.

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The Transporter 2 picture

Audrey Billings: You said if I needed anything.
Frank Martin: I can't.
Audrey Billings: Why, because of who I am?
Frank Martin: Because of who I am.

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Revolver picture

Jake Green: The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.

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Be Cool picture

Elliot Wilhelm: When are you going to call me?
Chili Palmer: When your phone rings.

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Into the Blue picture

Bates: He found the Zephyr. Maybe we'll meet up in Never-Never Land. 'Cause I heard the tooth fairy was gonna be there.

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Match Point picture

Nola Rice: Men think I may be something special.
Chris Wilton: Are you?
Nola Rice: No one's ever asked for their money back.

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Keeping Mum picture

Gloria Goodfellow: This cannot go on mother, I've had enough.
Grace Hawkins: I understand you're upset.
Gloria Goodfellow: Too bloody right I'm upset, I've got two dead bodies. One in the pond and one in the sitting room.
Grace Hawkins: No, you've got three dead bodies in the pond because you're forgetting.
Gloria Goodfellow: Grace, this has gone far enough. And I mean it.

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Havoc picture

Hector: What you doin' around here? Looking all homegirl and shit?
Allison: I always dress like this.
Hector: Oh, yeah? Wow! Here I am, trying to look like I got the money, and you're trying to look like ME! Fuckin' white people.

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Hoodwinked picture

Tommy: I know about houses. L built mine out of straw. I'm not an idiot.

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Assault on Precinct 13 picture

Beck: Hey Bish... Bish... Bish... Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish... bish.

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Get Rich or Die Tryin' picture

Levar: Without getting too biblical and shit, violence only begets more violence.

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Unleashed picture

Infirmier: You basically turned a man into a dog.

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The Matador picture

Julian Noble: I'm as serious as an erection problem.

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Chaos picture

Reporter: Conners, can we have a few words?
Quentin Conners: Yeah, I have two words for you. Blow me.

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