Best comedy movie visible crew/equipment of 2005

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The Pacifier picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Shane is talking to Mrs. Plummer before she leaves, throughout the scene the camera man is reflected in her window (he is in black, not to get confused with Shane's white shirt) and as the car drives away the camera is shown backing up in the black door.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith picture

Visible crew/equipment: John pushes his newly captured prisoner into the back of the van Jane is in. As he closes the van door you can see an extra arm behind John's back moving over to hold the doors closed.

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Nanny McPhee picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Nanny McPhee and Mr. Brown discuss the subjects of Evangeline's wellbeing with Aunt Adelaide and Simon's cleverness, when Nanny McPhee leaves the room the crew member's movement is seen in the mirror reflection, over the mantle. (00:54:40)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pictureCharlie and the Chocolate Factory mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Charlie is shining Willy's shoes near the end, you can see the reflection of a crewman in Willy's glasses when he glances to his right. (01:38:25)

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Fever Pitch picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are taking their seats after the guy yells peanuts and crackerjacks, if you look carefully you can see some of the seats behind are actually filled with mannequins dressed with clothing. Some of them don't even have arms. (00:38:00 - 00:41:00)

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Elizabethtown picture

Visible crew/equipment: There are numerous moments where the reflector screens are reflected in characters' eyeglass lenses, such as when Dale tells Jessie, "You can't be buddies with your own son," there are clear reflections in Dale's lenses. (00:37:50)

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The Dukes of Hazzard picture

Visible crew/equipment: As Bo and Luke are surrounded by cops, Luke says "I never get tired of hearing him say that." As the camera pans around the front of the General Lee the camera is visible reflected on the front windshield.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Ford runs past the caravan to chase the Vogons with a towel, you can see the cameraman, and about 4 other crew members reflecting in the caravan's surface.

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Diary of a Mad Black Woman picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the piano collapses, after Madea's chainsaw rampage, you can see the wire that pulls the piano apart.

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Herbie: Fully Loaded picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the movie when Herbie has an oil spill and drives to the pit stop, as he turns, the camera pans and you are able to see the shadow of the camera, cameraman, boom mic, and the boom person on the track.

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Transamerica picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the wigwam scene, crew members and the white screen reflector are visible in Bree's sunglasses.

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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Gracie spots "Fake Dolly," Dolly runs and Gracie begins her pursuit. Then just as Gracie trips on the luggage cart, her pretty orange blouse flies up at the back and Sandra Bullock's mic transmitter is visible at the back of her pants. (Note that a bit earlier, after Sam elbows Gracie in the ladies room, it isn't there as Gracie stands up.) (00:48:00)

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The 40 Year Old Virgin picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the final sex scene, a crew member's foot is momentarily seen on the upper right side of the screen.

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Sky High picture

Visible crew/equipment: When 'The Commander' picks up the special hero-mobile phone in the kitchen, as he talks, he leans forward and the autocue screen is very clearly reflected in his glasses. (00:04:25)

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Life Is Ruff picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Calvin is getting pulled up the hill by his dog. He is still on his skateboard and going up a grass hill. You can totally tell he is riding on much bigger wheels than he was before. Therefore the wheels need to be bigger so they can go up the hill.

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Are We There Yet? picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the wide shots of the freight train, special brackets are prominently visible underneath the door of the box car in which Ice Cube and the kids were riding. None of the otherwise identical boxcars have these brackets, which were probably used to support a removable camera during the close-up action scenes.

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Waiting... picture

Visible crew/equipment: Right after Natasha the hostess has walked the last customers of the night to their table, after they sit down, you can see the arm and part of the boom microphone in the mirror directly behind Natasha, before Natasha walks away from the table. (01:15:15)

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EZ Money picture

Visible crew/equipment: Upon landing in the U.S., the scammers exit their jet. As the action proceeds, on the plane's tail can just barely be seen the logo of the Indianapolis Colts football team. (In fact, the plane used for the movie does belong to the Colts.)

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Rumor Has It picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the three pull up into the driveway the first time, a boom mike is reflected at the rear of the car. (00:12:35)

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Monster-in-Law picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Charlie walks past Remy, saying "I gave you that key for emergencies," on the bedroom wall opposite the shadow of the boom mike is visible, on the picture frame. (00:01:50)

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