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Madagascar picture

Trivia: There is a scene when the lemurs are showing a book called "To Serve Lemur". This is similar to one of the classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, "To Serve Man" when the "aliens" allegedly come in peace but actually want to eat the people of earth.

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Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit picture

Trivia: In the scene where Wallace fetches the giant rabbit after it has come off the van, Gromit turns on the radio, and we hear a song called "Bright Eyes" from the film 'Watership Down' a film about rabbits.

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Corpse Bride pictureCorpse Bride mistake picture

Trivia: A popular film poster shows Emily and Victor reaching their hands toward one another. Emily's bony hand is on her right and Victor's suit and vest are backwards (note its buttons). Some say it was for legal reasons - Johnny Depp's name was supposed to appear on the poster first because of a contract, and they wanted the characters underneath the corresponding star names, hence the issue. Others say it was simply because the picture looked better with the bride on the right side.

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Chicken Little picture

Trivia: Australian comedian Mark Mitchell re-voiced Buck Cluck for the Australian release, but in an American accent.

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Robots picture

Trivia: Not a mistake as such, but interesting to note. When Rodney and Fender are in Fender's room, lying in the hammocks, look behind Fender on the wall. Behind him is a "robot" version of the 'American Gothic' painting from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Doctor
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children picture

Trivia: In the FFVII game, Cait Sith rides on a giant white stuffed animal. The reason it didn't appear in the movie is because there was already a rendered wolf and Red XIII; the filmmakers absolutely hated rendering fur, and thus Cait Sith's ride was scrapped.

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Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie picture

Trivia: This was the very last time John Fiedler voiced Piglet.

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Pooh's Heffalump Movie picture

Trivia: Despite the title, Roo actually has the lead role and Pooh has a minor role.

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