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Hustle picture

Show generally

Other mistake: In a number of episodes Mickey Bricks takes great pains to explain (usually to bent coppers) that he and his team are not thieves, making it plain that as a talented grifter he takes the high moral high ground over common criminals. The trouble is, he and every member of his team ARE thieves. In the very first episode "The Con Is On" Three Socks Morgan cleans out the bank accounts of a number of innocent people by rigging an automatic teller machine. He is stealing money, either from them or the bank. Stacie Monroe is shown picking pockets in a number of episodes and in "The Henderson Challenge" both Mickey and Danny Blue steal wallets from bystanders, a trick Mickey repeats in "The Return of the Prodigal." He also steals the victim's car. There are too many other examples to list here, but Mickey's pride in his exalted position as a master conman is definitely misplaced.

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Suggested correction: It would be hard to call a delusional criminal's self aggrandizing a mistake (character or other). Many criminals (fictitious or real) display this same type of character. Plus, Mickey is suggesting common criminals aren't as skilled as his team, for example, at pick-pocketing, or that there's an art to his crimes only a conman can pull off.


Nonsense. He isn't delusional or self aggrandizing - he's far too smart for that. He states "We are not thieves!" on a number of occasions when, by any definition of the word, they are.

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Drake and Josh picture

The Peruvian Puff Pepper - S3-E2

Other mistake: Drake and Josh find the monitor in Megan's room. After they reveal the normal wall and the family leaves, Megan hits the button behind the picture to show the monitors. However, when Drake and Josh find out that Megan entered the salsa competition, they storm into her room, but the button is still revealed in the background.


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Lost picture Video

Pilot (1) - S1-E1

Other mistake: The Monster appearing in the pilot and causing the turbine to explode is a mistake (not trivia). This is actually an artefact of poor CGI effects that was left in the show in error. It was confirmed by the producers. You can see it best here:

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House, M.D. picture

Mob Rules - S1-E15

Other mistake: House has Metroid Hunters on the DS next to the gangster's ear and it shows Samus in a ball rolling around. The way she was rolling couldn't have been achieved because House was holding it, his fingers nowhere near the buttons on the game.

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Joey picture

Show generally

Other mistake: In season one when Alex got divorced, Joey and Gina talked about how Gina got divorced from Michael's father while she was still in high school. In season two, we learn that Jimmy is Michael's father. Joey didn't even know that they were together, he certainly would have known if they were married.

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Show generally

Other mistake: Pay close attention to the taxi cab at the end of each show when it drives away the contestant who was just fired. Look at the taxi number on the passenger side door when it is first opened. You then see the number change after the taxi drives away.

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Instant Star picture

Your Time Is Gonna Come - S4-E1

Other mistake: In the scene where Jude is recording "Ultraviolet" in the studio, she sings, "I don't care if it burns my eyes," while the actual lyric in the song is "I don't care if it hurts my eyes." Having just performed this exact song at the beginning of the show, it's highly improbable that she would forget the lyrics.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX picture

Tag Team Trial: Part 2 - S1-E11

Other mistake: Syrus summons to the field Drillroid and has it attack the Gate Guardian in defense mode, but is blocked by Defence Wall because of its effect, and Defense Wall is destroyed. Because of this, Jaden and Syrus lose 500 Life Points. While it does seem logical that their life points would go down because Drillroid has 1600 attack points and Defense Wall has 2100 defense points, they should not lose life points in the first place. This is mainly due to the fact that Drillroid's effect causes a defense position monster to be destroyed instantly, without losing life points. If Drillroid was capable of destroying Defence Wall, then their life points should have remained at 1700. (00:08:00)

Casual Person

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The L Word picture

Season 3 generally

Other mistake: Given that Alice only stole some of Dana's ashes to scatter at the camp ground, the amount of ashes seen poured into the waterfall by all of the characters is totally unrealistic; much more, in fact, than what would equate to an entire cremated corpse.

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Veronica Mars picture

Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang - S2-E3

Other mistake: When Beaver takes the iPod/camera, the pictures are left on Veronica's laptop. This would only be possible if the pictures were copied onto the computer. It would have taken a considerable amount of time for all of the two thousand photos to be copied. There is the possibility that Beaver copied the three or so photos of Logan, but considering his anger, that's hardly something that he would take the time to do.


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Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide picture

Art Class & Lost and Found - S3-E5

Other mistake: Ned paints a rather obscene painting and brings it up to his teacher. He had just painted the painting and his teacher gets angry at the school cutting the art budget, so Ned holds the painting against his chest. When he takes it off his chest, there is no paint on his chest and the painting had no chance to dry before he put it on his chest.


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Stargate: Atlantis picture

The Lost Tribe - S5-E11

Other mistake: McKay and Jackson enters a room and runs into 2 armored figures, Jackson eventually reveals that they are empty suits, however in every shot shot from behind the suits, the suits are constantly moving, as if they are hanging on strings.

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Boston Legal picture

Angel of Death - S3-E11

Other mistake: As Denny asks "did she sleep in your room?" Alan leaves Denny's hotel room, pulling the door behind him. The swinging door catch is in the closed position, sticking out from the door frame which would prevent the door from being able to shut - the shot cuts a fraction before impact and we hear the sound of the door closing anyway.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Corner Gas picture

Buzz Driver - S5-E7

Other mistake: There is no need for there to be two lists of those who should and shouldn't drive the bus, only a list of those qualified to drive the bus.

luke f

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The 4400 picture

Voices Carry - S2-E2

Other mistake: The rear windshield of the car was supposedly shot out, but you can see the defroster lines on the intact rear windshield. When the truck comes up behind them with their high beams on, the driver keeps looking into a non-existent rear view mirror as if they are blinding him. (00:12:45)

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