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The Hush Heist - S6-E6

Character mistake: Ash Morgan tells the grifters that "Anxious" has a basement flat in Camden, and he sends Sean there to get phoney identity papers. It is quite clear that the flat is on the ground floor, not in a basement. The front door opens onto the street.

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Communication Breakdown - S5-E19

Character mistake: When Mac, Stella, and Danny are trying to determine where the fired bullet entered the train car, none of them are wearing rubber gloves. But even though they're not handling any evidence, they're still processing a crime scene. (00:05:00)

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Suggested correction: Theoretically correct, but it can be argued that the only evidence present is the bullet (which has DNA and prints burnt off when fired) and the body (which can only be handled by the MEs) gloves are not required.

Andy Benham Premium member

What utter rubbish. No CSI would enter a crime scene without first putting on latex gloves - it is a carved-in-stone rule.

Exactly. Since Mac, Stella and Danny were processing a crime scene, they would need to wear gloves because without them, they would have contaminated a crime scene by not only getting their fingerprints over everything but, if one of them got a cut or scrape, their DNA would also be thrown into the mix and any defense attorney can call them out on their carelessness and have any evidence thrown out.

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Born with a Shotgun - S5-E3

Character mistake: When Grandad collapses, the Doc calls Morwenna's grandfather Mr. Dunwich, which is the surname of one of his patients in this episode. The grandfather has the same surname as Morwenna, which is Newcross.

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Show generally

Character mistake: Season 8, Episode 8: "Suspicious Song" - When Bree calls the police when she hears a noise downstairs, she says she lives at 4355 Wisteria Lane when her address is in fact 4354 Wisteria Lane. 4355 is the Scavo residence, not the Van De Kamp residence.


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Epiphany - S2-E12

Character mistake: Rodney says that one hour in real time would give them months inside the field. This is incorrect because if the ratio of time were 1:250 as stated before, one hour would only convert to 250 hours, which is 10 days and 10 hours.


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The Purple Panther: Part 1 - S3-E6

Character mistake: In the song 'The World Goes Round', Stingy sings about dinosaur bones from the Stone Age (the second verse). The dinosaurs were wiped out about 65 million years ago while the Stone Age started 2.5 million years ago, an obvious time gap.

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Show generally

Character mistake: Throughout the whole series Jin and Sun refer to each other as "yobo." The subtitles continually translate "yobo" as either "Jin" or "Sun" which is incorrect. "Yobo" is Korea's version of "dear" or "sweetheart."


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Oral Contracts - S4-E8

Character mistake: Lorraine mistakenly tells Denny to "call 999" instead of 911, and when asked about it by Katie, denies having ever spent time in the UK (later revealed to be a lie). But this isn't some high-pressure slip of the tongue, she's highly intelligent and has been in America for a decent length of time, is working hard to maintain her facade of being born and bred American, so there's no way she'd slip up over such an obvious thing.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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There Goes Ryoma - S1-E1

Character mistake: Professor Saotome checks the status of the Getter Robot when his son falls unconscious. The HUD output is written in awkward EngRish, from the first line of the status report, called; "Monitor the state of affairs", to smaller details like the article randomly used for certain lines ("a control device, a correspondent"). The biggest flub though is that the name of his son is "Tatsuhito", in proper romanization, but here appears as "Tatuto." (00:05:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Joey and the High School Friend - S2-E11

Character mistake: Michael and Jimmy appears to have behavioral similarities. Joey therefore asks Gina when she slept with Jimmy, implying that he might be the father. Gina answers "22 years ago." Joey then asks how old Michael is, and Gina answers "22 years and 9 months." What? So he was born 9 months before the conception? Shouldn't he be 21 years and 3 months? (00:11:40 - 00:12:20)

Tim Skov Jacobsen

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