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Troy picture

Revealing mistake: When the spear handle is protruding from Hector's shoulder, the area of the armor around the circular wound is clearly visible and it is in perfect condition. There is no tear in the armor whatsoever, around the wood, which would have been necessary to allow the wide spear tip to penetrate the armor and actually enter Hector's body as it did. (02:01:20)

Super Grover Premium member
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Wimbledon picture

Revealing mistake: In the changing room before the Final, Peter leans against a dark wooden pillar several times. It moves on each occasion.

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The Phantom of the Opera picture

Revealing mistake: As the grating descends on Raoul, in two shots, large bubbles are flowing downwards. It's obvious, the film was reversed. (01:59:15)

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The Girl Next Door picture

Revealing mistake: When Eli and Klitz are being chased by Mule, Eli and Klitz go over the railing and land on the table. After that when Mule lands on the table you can see the table break a split second before he lands on it.

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The Notebook picture

Revealing mistake: When Noah and Allie meet outside the movie theatre and later dance in the intersection of the streets, the viewer can see their breath. It is very cold outside and Noah is wearing a heavy jacket. Summer in South Carolina is oppressively hot, even at night. (00:17:00)

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Anchorman picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene where Ron is playing the jazz flute, as he blows the flame out of the flute, you can see a hose running from out of his sleeve and into the flute, most likely supplying gas for the flame. In both shots of the flame, the hose can be seen.

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The Terminal picture

Revealing mistake: About 30 seconds into the movie, when the camera is panning down the flight status board, the letters are flipping through to form the correct words. However, the board is digitally animated, and some of the sequences of letters scrolling (such as one square going from L to M to N) loop without making any sense, like in the line above the yellow "The /Terminal" (U, V, W, U, V, W, U, V, W.). (00:00:30)

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13 Going On 30 picture

Revealing mistake: When Jenna is in her bedroom with her mom, as she points to the pictures in the article in Poise magazine, "30, Flirty and Thriving," it is blatantly apparent that it is not Jenna's hand in the close-up but a body double. (00:05:25)

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Shaun of the Dead picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie, where it shows the group of nodding zombies and the Shaun of The Dead logo is on the ground, look to your left, the zombie actor stops nodding and looks around him to see if the shot is still being filmed, and he immediately goes back to nodding. Look out for it, it's obvious. (00:03:45)

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Garden State picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie, there is a shot of Largeman opening a medicine cabinet. If you look on the mirror as he opens it, you can see the cut out of where the camera is hidden in the wall. This is pointed out by Braff in the commentary.

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Alexander picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie, young Alexander tames a horse and then jumps on the horse and rides off. He is supposed to be riding bareback, but in one of the shots from a distance, you can tell that the actor's feet are in stirrups.

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Dog Gone Love picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie a hamburger is thrown in hopes that a dog will "fetch" it. When the dog does not do so the hamburger is retrieved twice, in perfect shape, to be thrown two more times. On each throw its various parts would have landed individually all over the place and not been throwable again.

Wayne C.
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Ella Enchanted picture

Revealing mistake: During the wedding scene, while the narrator is talking, you can see the string that will pull the left table apart. As said in the commentary, the filmmakers weren't going for the idea of people pulling the tables apart, but rather some other force parting them. (01:27:40)

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A Cinderella Story picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the dance scene, when Sam gives Carter her phone so he can set the alarm, the phone isn't even on when he is programming it.

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De-lovely picture

Revealing mistake: In an early scene Cole and his future wife watch fireworks over Paris through a doorway overlooking a balcony. The explosions are reflected on the glass of the open door, which is at an angle to the POV. But the CGI fireworks and their reflection in the glass are squashed to fit into the foreshortened pane of glass. In reality the reflected image would be like any mirror, with the image inverted left-for-right.

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Spanglish picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Adam Sandler is drunk on a patio chair and Paz Vega commands the dog to go to him, you can see Adam Sandler feeding treats to the dog so it stays with him.

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House of Flying Daggers picture

Revealing mistake: When Jin is fighting in the prison, he kicks two guards into the walls of the stone hall. The one on the right of the screen hits the stone wall making it shake and a block move.

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Laws of Attraction picture

Revealing mistake: In the rain scene approximately 25 minutes into the movie a man is talking to a woman in a very heavy rain. His shirt has very little rain on it and a large part stays completely dry. The dry side is on the side where the rain is coming from.

Wayne C.
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Little Black Book picture

Revealing mistake: At the hockey game in the beginning of the movie, when the players crash into the boards behind the goal, the logos on the players uniforms are backwards or opposite of what they really should be. The Devils logo appears this way several other times in the movie as well.

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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement picture

Revealing mistake: When Mia meets Asana at her birthday party and asks what she's been up to, Asana replies "oh, partying girl" with a British accent. Then when Asana is talking about Prince Jaques, the accent is gone. Then, at the slumber party, her accent slightly returns.

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