Best romance movie plot holes of 2004

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In Good Company picture

Plot hole: When Dan is chasing after Carter to catch him and Alex together at the restaurant, there's very little chance he could have had any idea where Carter was going. He couldn't have told the cab driver to "follow that taxi" because in the time between Carter getting in a cab and Dan getting in a cab about 5 taxis drive past, so how he happens to end up at the same place is a miracle.

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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason picture

Plot hole: Bridget is wearing a shirt from Mrs. Darcy (the line about Mark's mother's taste in shirts, which is said while showing BOTH shirts, definitely suggests that - her idea of cuteness for a couple, I guess), which doesn't make sense because the first movie ended on New Year's Eve (we know that because Shazzer and the rest of the gang were taking Bridget to Paris that night to celebrate the New Year, but Bridget ended up with Mark - unless the movie take place a year later, which it doesn't, it takes place the next day). Consequently, there is no way Mrs. Darcy would have known about Bridget and Mark in time to get her a shirt too and offer it to her. Mark couldn't have brought it to Bridget, because she arrives alone at her mother's New Year's Day turkey curry buffet; Mark is already there, wearing the shirt his mother gave him, which suggests they split ways that morning, after their first night together.

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Anchorman picture

Plot hole: At the end of the movie when getting out of the bear pit, the crew decides to use a ladder when a set of stairs can be seen. Was this so Vince Vaughn could give his respect speech?

Joel Amos Gordon
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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement picture

Plot hole: When Jo is getting to walk down the aisle with Queen Clarisse, he hands Shades his top hat and then pops his ear piece right off, in a split second, and puts it in the top hat. In the previous scenes, Princess Mia has Lionel's ear piece stretched from the back of his neck, across his jaw and around his chin and then stretched to her ear but it hasn't popped out, while Queen Clarisse jerks Charlotte with her when she goes to listen to Princess Mia.

Sheri Hartman
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Sideways picture

Plot hole: During the scene when Miles is in the hotel room asleep while Jack is out with Stephanie, Christine calls Jack on his cell phone and then on the hotel phone. First disturbed and awakened by Jack's cell phone ringing, Miles gets up to check it to see who is calling. He sees that it is Christine calling, and then lays back down. The cell phone shows Christine calling and then IMMEDIATELY afterward, it says that there is a voicemail waiting. That certainly was an extremely short amount of time in which to leave a voicemail.

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A Cinderella Story picture

Plot hole: When texting Sam at the Friendship Circle, notice that Austin's cell phone is locked. Yet he can still open Sam's text messages.

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Around the World in 80 Days picture

Plot hole: The hot air balloon carries Fogg and friends quite a distance, but where is the heat source?

Sol Parker
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50 First Dates picture

Plot hole: Lucy has been painting pictures of Henry since she moved into the institute. But she passes him at the zoo and doesn't recognize him.

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Wicker Park picture

Plot hole: It's hard to believe that no one except Alex has a cell. These are fairly successful people, especially a traveling Matthew. No one having cell phones is highly unlikely.

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Surviving Christmas picture

Plot hole: Near the end of the film it's revealed that Drew grew up poor with only his mother, who had to work double shifts to survive. So how did they afford that huge house? Even the Valcos are supposed to be struggling financially yet they now live in this massive house too.

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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear picture

Plot hole: The plot that a piece of the Roman spear that pierced Christ ends up in a hidden Mayan temple in the Amazon (which is nevertheless still full of gold etc.) makes no sense.

Jacob La Cour
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