Best mystery movie plot holes of 2004

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Saw (2004)

Saw picture

Plot hole: Det. Kerry says at the scene of Paul's trap, "He had two hours." There is no way she could have known that. The clock simply said 3:00 and the tape specifically says "you have until 3 o'clock or this room will become your tomb". No way to know that's two hours after the fact. (00:17:30)

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Suggested correction: In the flashback of the razor wire trap, it shows the clock as a few minutes past 1, so he did know he had 2 hours.

Paul knew he had 2 hours as like you said he could see a clock counting. But how did detective Kerry who made the remarks in the first place as listed in the mistake?

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London picture

Plot hole: The secret CIA base at Kamp Woody was underground. Kids searching for years have combed the camp, but never found it, but when Cody is going down the escalator, you can see bright skylights on the roof. If the sun is able to shine through, that means the skylights aren't hidden, and the kids would be able to find the camp.

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Without a Paddle picture

Plot hole: The Hillbillies take a "short cut" to catch up with the guys after they are taken in by Burt Reynolds. However, the guys get a chance to sleep comfortably until morning before being confronted by them. (01:12:10)

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I, Robot picture

Plot hole: Sonny hides among the 1000 robots in the big store room. They are all placed in very straight rows. Sonny would not be able to take over another robot's place in the grid (when he starts running we see a large robot-sized gap) without getting another robot to move. And while Will Smith is running around the rows, he would have noticed if the others moved to make room.

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Suggested correction: Will Smith shot one of them, it's possible this hole in the front of the row caused that line of robots to move forward one spot, to complete the row again. As they did Sonny could have slipped in. When he spotted Sonny the first time Sonny was simply standing between 2, as Will Smith only saw them from the front at that point, when he started running it's impossible to notice a simple step forward of 1 row of robots and Sonny slipping in.


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The Village picture

Plot hole: After Noah stabs Lucius, Ivy is brought to see Noah who is locked up in the "quiet room". As they leave, the lock is being placed on the latch to lock Noah in, and soon after the door is rattling, presumably Noah in an attempt to open it. If you look closely, you can see that the rattling occurs because the door lock is locked and not because of the lock on the latch. Quite strange, as we clearly see the lock placed on the latch right after the door is closed. There could not possibly have been time for the door lock to be locked with a key.

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Taking Lives picture

Plot hole: Most of the story depends on Costa coming forward as a witness; however, he would have had no reason to do this. It would only make his goal of assuming others' identities more difficult.


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Suggested correction: Some serial killers try to involve themselves with the investigation, for instance famous serial killer Ed Kemper.

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Wicker Park picture

Plot hole: It's hard to believe that no one except Alex has a cell. These are fairly successful people, especially a traveling Matthew. No one having cell phones is highly unlikely.


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Cube Zero picture

Plot hole: When the fat guy throws a boot into the ice-spray room, it freezes and shatters on the ground. You can see the length of the shoelace on the ground as well. The shot cuts to the guy in the shaft, and he pulls up the shoelace to reveal the end encased in ice, while the end is halfway into the ice block. This wouldn't be possible, because the other end of the shoelace had no ice at all, and there's no sign either of it breaking.


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