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Shaun of the Dead picture

Pete: It's four in the fucking morning!
Shaun: It's Saturday!
Pete: No, it's not. It's fucking Sunday. And I've got to go to fucking work in four fucking hours 'cos every other fucker in my fucking department is fucking ill! Now can you see why I'm SO FUCKING ANGRY?!
Ed: Fuck, yeah!

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Saw picture

Jigsaw: Live or die. Make your choice. Let the game begin.

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Van Helsing picture

Anna Valerious: You ask a lot of questions.
Van Helsing: Normally I only ask two."What are we dealing with?" and "How do I kill it?"

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The Grudge picture

Detective Nakagawa: It is said in Japan that when a person dies in extreme sorrow or rage, the emotion remains, becoming a stain upon that place. Death becomes a part of that place, killing everything it touches. Once you have become a part of it, it will never let you go.

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Seed of Chucky picture

Glen: Why do you kill?
Chucky: Umm... hobby, I guess.

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Dawn of the Dead picture

CJ: What are you, a fucking doctor?
Ana: No, I'm a fucking nurse.

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Mindhunters picture

Lucas: Your other weakness is ME.

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Ginger Snaps: Unleashed picture

Tyler: So this is home, huh, Ghost?.. Kind of has the Manson family charm.

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Decoys picture

Luke: That's it, ladies, show me your navels.

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Paranoia: 1.0 picture

Adam: There are changes happening, not all of them good.

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Secret Window picture

Mort: I'm a dairy farmer from Mississippi.

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Species III picture

Wasach: So I'm not here in an official capacity, and we won't be taking care of this in an official capacity.
Dean: What are you gonna do?
Wasach: You and I are taking care of this in an unofficial capacity.

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Godsend picture

Adam Duncan: Dad, did I die?

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Alien Vs. Predator picture

Alexa 'Lex' Woods: How do you say "scared shitless" in Italian?
Sebastian de Rosa: Non vedo l'ora di uscire da questo piramide con te, perché mi sto cagando addosso. More or less.

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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins picture

Juan Padilla: No, no, no. The mine is not played out. Not at all. There is plenty more silver in there, it's just no-one wants to go in there and get it.
Pyong Lien Chang: Seven more men go up since accident. None come back.
Tecopa: My ancestors talked of spirit beasts that live inside those mountains.
Hiram Gummer: Spirit beasts?
Tecopa: Beasts from the underworld. Blind to all, but killing.

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Suspect Zero picture

Piper: Ever see a 50-foot shark?
Thomas Mackelway: I'm sorry?
Piper: A 50-foot shark. You ever seen one?
Thomas Mackelway: No.
Piper: Doesn't mean there aren't any.

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The Forgotten picture

Telly Paretta: Do you get drunk every night?
Ash Correll: No. Sometimes I'm drunk by noon.

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Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid picture

Cole Burris: I'm so hungry, I'd sell my Grandmother for a tic tac.

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Creep picture

Kate: What's your name?
George: George.
Kate: I was supposed to meet a George tonight... this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

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Blade: Trinity picture

Blade: What's behind the door?
Police Captain: I can't tell you, they'll kill me.
Blade: Motherfucker, I'll kill you, now tell me!

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