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The Grudge picture

Other mistake: When Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the bus with her boyfriend, she sees Kayako face looking at her in the window reflection and panics. When she looks back at the window she sees the normal reflection of her face. Trouble is, her reflection is turning her head and looking side to side, whilst Gellar herself is looking straight and not moving her head at all.

Gavin Jackson
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Secret Window picture

Other mistake: When Johnny Depp finds the two bodies dead in the jeep, he turns around and spots a squirrel in the tree. We get a point of view shot looking at the squirrel, before Depp faints and the camera starts falling to the left. In the next shot, however, we are facing Johnny Depp and see he has fallen on his right side.

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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins picture

Other mistake: At the very end, when a man is painting the "F" of the city's new name on the water tower, with white paint, you can see that though the brush is white, and it is touching the surface of the water tower, no paint is left on the surface of the water tower. Nevertheless, the painter continues painting the letter in the next shot, even though no paint is left on the surface. (01:36:00)

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Taking Lives picture

Other mistake: After Ethan crashes the Impala, he shoots at Keifer to make sure he's dead. Keifer's head and torso are on the hood of the car, but the shots break the back window on the driver's side. (01:13:05)

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Exorcist: The Beginning picture

Other mistake: Both times that Father Merrin ventures into the sacrificial chamber beneath the church, as he is walking down the flight of stairs, the rock wall behind him is well lit as if there were another lamp sitting right in front of it. In the shot immediately after it, the rocks are in total darkness, even though he has not moved much. He is already far from them in the first place, so the light could not have reached the rock wall and illuminated it so brightly.

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Out For Blood picture

Other mistake: After the cops pull Kevin Dillon from his car with aluminum foil on the windows, the aerial view reveals that both black and whites have the same number - 405 - painted on the roof.

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Van Helsing picture

Other mistake: Van Helsing's ring fits his as a human, but in the climactic fight he turns to werewolf form and back and is still wearing it. He didn't have time to take it off and put it back on, so either one of his wolf fingers should be horribly, painfully cramped or the ring should have broken. No one insinuates that the ring has magical powers of any kind to prevent this.

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Mindhunters picture

Other mistake: When the remaining agents are sitting at tables drinking coffee, Vince glances up at the clock which says 12h00. He then says "It's two o'clock and we're still here. We're still here and it's two o'clock." (00:37:30)

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Shaun of the Dead picture

Other mistake: When Shaun is hitting a zombie after leaving Liz's place, you can see he hits the grass, not the zombie. Yet the zombie reacts.

Ssiscool Premium member
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Saw picture

Other mistake: When Larry is taking the cigarettes out of the box, look at his hand. It has a white paint drop or white dust on it, but throughout the scene it disappears and reappears.

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Blade: Trinity picture

Other mistake: At the end we see the reflection of a street in Blade's sunglasses but nothing is reversed like it should be (example: the taillights of the cars can be seen on the right side, they should be on the left in the reflection).

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Ginger Snaps: Unleashed picture

Other mistake: When ghost gives B the needle in the bathroom and after Ryler takes it away and squirts it out, you can hear the needle being thrown to the side. And she instead licks it off the floor instead of just getting the needle again.

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House of Voices picture

Other mistake: The DVD release was created with a "pseudo widescreen" as various scenes cut off major action. The most obvious is in the beginning of the film when the main character meets the crazy girl. Her head is framed bottom right but the widescreen completely cuts off the crazy girl's head. This can be explained by the enormous aspect ratio of the original film, which is bigger than standard (USA) widescreen, that or a bad transfer.

manthabeat Premium member
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