Best fantasy movie audio problems of 2004

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Shrek 2 picture

Audio problem: When the Fairy Godmother sings "Holding Out for a Hero" she tells the pianist to 'put it in C minor,' yet the pianist immediately begins to play in G minor, and the rest of the song is sung in that key. (01:08:15)

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

Audio problem: When Aunt Josephine says, " Watch the chandelier, if it falls it will impale you." she turns to face the camera about when she says "impale" and her lips aren't moving. (00:50:05)

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The Polar Express picture

Audio problem: When the elves are marching around, listen to the footstep sounds and watch their feet. A lot of times the noise and movements don't match. This is especially apparent when the five elves who have been taking wish calls go to the transporter.

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The Stepford Wives picture

Audio problem: When Joanna goes to The Simply Stepford Day Spa, Clair begins her Clairobics, and says, "Come on Joanna." Behind Joanna, Clair's reflection shows her telling everyone to do the "spin cycle" but she isn't heard. Then in the shot facing Clair, she again tells them to do the spin cycle.

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The Butterfly Effect picture

Audio problem: When Kayleigh, Tommy, Evan and Lenny are putting the block buster in the mailbox, Evan puts the cigarette on the block buster and says it should last Lenny 2 minutes, but his mouth says 10 minutes.

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Thunderbirds picture

Audio problem: When Fermat and TinTin roll down the hill to escape Mullion, they fall into a small river, and Fermat says something but you can see his lips don't move.


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Van Helsing picture

Audio problem: In the scene where the monster saves Anna by knocking down the last Bride, there is one shot where he turns to look at Anna framed in the window. His right leg support makes the hissing sound without any steam coming out of it.


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