Best documentary movie mistakes of 2004

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Super Size Me picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, when Morgan Spurlock says "Why not do away with your Super Size options?" the water condensation runs UP the drink. (01:34:00)

James Ollier
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What the #$*! Do We Know!? picture

Continuity mistake: When the main character lady is having a drink with a guy at the wedding, she drops her little yellow umbrella on the floor. The guy gives her his pink umbrella. The shot switches and they both have umbrellas in their glasses, the guy has his pink one, and the girl has her yellow one.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 picture

Factual error: A headline from the Pantagraph (an Illinois newspaper) dated 19 December 2001, is shown in big letters to read, "Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election." In fact, no edition of the Pentagraph has ever featured an article that claimed this. The only time those words appeared in that newspaper was in small print over a letter to the editor dated 5 December 2001.

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Word Wars picture

Factual error: Near the beginning a Scrabble rack is shown containing tiles with the words "GET A FORD." Scrabble racks are limited to 7 tiles and this is 8. This rack cannot exist in Scrabble.

Wayne C.
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Suggested correction: Hi. The rack in question was showing an advertisement from the 1950s which featured a Scrabble rack. So, while it is true that GET A ford would not be a legal Scrabble wasn't from an actual game.

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