Best comedy movie revealing mistakes of 2004

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Wimbledon picture

Revealing mistake: In the changing room before the Final, Peter leans against a dark wooden pillar several times. It moves on each occasion.

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Seed of Chucky picture

Revealing mistake: When Tiffany calls Ruth Bailey, you can see that the mobile phone she uses is turned off.

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Taxi picture

Revealing mistake: In the bike scene you can see that the intro biker is much smaller than Belle.

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

Revealing mistake: When Violet and Klaus make the tent inside their bedroom in Count Olaf's house, they set up the light with the faces of their parents on it in front of it. Except when it shows the shadow of the object outside the tent, the edge of the picture frame isn't showing when it should. (00:21:40)

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The Girl Next Door picture

Revealing mistake: When Eli and Klitz are being chased by Mule, Eli and Klitz go over the railing and land on the table. After that when Mule lands on the table you can see the table break a split second before he lands on it.

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Garfield: The Movie picture

Revealing mistake: When one of the men picks up Garfield from his cage to display to potential buyers at the pound, you can see the man's right hand "entangled" with the computer-generated Garfield.

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Anchorman picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene where Ron is playing the jazz flute, as he blows the flame out of the flute, you can see a hose running from out of his sleeve and into the flute, most likely supplying gas for the flame. In both shots of the flame, the hose can be seen.

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The Terminal picture

Revealing mistake: About 30 seconds into the movie, when the camera is panning down the flight status board, the letters are flipping through to form the correct words. However, the board is digitally animated, and some of the sequences of letters scrolling (such as one square going from L to M to N) loop without making any sense, like in the line above the yellow "The /Terminal" (U, V, W, U, V, W, U, V, W.). (00:00:30)

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Without a Paddle picture

Revealing mistake: At the fight scene in the cave, you can see the gun clip has no bullets in it.

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Super Size Me picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, when Morgan Spurlock says "Why not do away with your Super Size options?" the water condensation runs UP the drink. (01:34:00)

James Ollier
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My Baby's Daddy picture

Revealing mistake: This happens at the end of the movie. When No Good is tenderizing the meat with the brass knuckles, you can see that his hand doesn't come anywhere near the meat.

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Thunderbirds picture

Revealing mistake: When Thunderbird 3 lands in London, the jets do not burn the grass they land on.

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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed picture

Revealing mistake: When Velma is running from the two one eyed skeletons she goes into what looks like a warehouse and the floor is all wet and in some places there are puddles. When the skeletons come they step into a puddle but the water doesn't even splash or ripple. (01:11:20)

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13 Going On 30 picture

Revealing mistake: When Jenna is in her bedroom with her mom, as she points to the pictures in the article in Poise magazine, "30, Flirty and Thriving," it is blatantly apparent that it is not Jenna's hand in the close-up but a body double. (00:05:25)

Super Grover Premium member
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Starsky & Hutch picture

Revealing mistake: When Huggy Bear meets Starsky and Hutch in the alley to supply information, there is a closeup on his face as he sits in his car and just before he leaves. In this shot, it is very obvious that the facial hair on his cheek is attached with a glue strip. (00:27:55)

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Mean Girls picture

Revealing mistake: When Ms. Norbury spills coffee all over her shirt, you can see the hand that is to the left is pulling her shirt up with her sweater and rapidly lets go.

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Saint Ralph picture

Revealing mistake: Throughout the extended scene where Ralph was training with Father Hibbert in pouring-down rain, both characters' faces were completely dry when they should have been completely wet.

Wayne C.
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Christmas with the Kranks picture

Revealing mistake: When Vic Frohmeyer excitedly tells the kids that Mr. Krank is putting up his frosty, the kids turn their attention away from their video game and get up to leave, but the video game continues to be played, indicating the video on the screen is a recording. (00:59:20)

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Shaun of the Dead picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie, where it shows the group of nodding zombies and the Shaun of The Dead logo is on the ground, look to your left, the zombie actor stops nodding and looks around him to see if the shot is still being filmed, and he immediately goes back to nodding. Look out for it, it's obvious. (00:03:45)

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Garden State picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie, there is a shot of Largeman opening a medicine cabinet. If you look on the mirror as he opens it, you can see the cut out of where the camera is hidden in the wall. This is pointed out by Braff in the commentary.

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