Best movie character mistakes of 2004

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Flight of the Phoenix picture

Character mistake: It's all very heroic and manly but the effort put into dragging the Phoenix into its takeoff position once the engine is started is totally wasted. Townes and A.J. are both experienced pilots and Elliott is supposedly a genius aeronautical engineer - they must surely be aware that the engine power required to taxi an aircraft is trivial compared to that required to lift it into the air. Even taking into account the drag of the skids and wheels, if that engine cannot propel the aircraft at a few kilometers an hour on the ground it cannot propel it to take off speed, nor keep it up once airborne. They are not there to steer the aircraft - they are taking the strain of the whole weight of the air-frame, dragging it into place, and the energy input of eight exhausted, underfed people would add nothing to the contribution of a 2500 bhp aircraft engine in moving the Phoenix. They are not trying conserve fuel - they had enough fuel for an extended flight with both engines at full throttle, so they have easily enough to run one engine throttled back to reduce stress on the air-frame, which they say they are going to do.

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The Phantom of the Opera pictureThe Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Character mistake: When Buquet hangs over the scene, you can see Meg screaming along with three other dancers. Four shots later, Meg is still screaming, but the two girls who were to her right (on the left of the screen) are still dancing, as if they haven't seen Buquet yet. (01:05:10)

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Ray picture

Character mistake: When Ahmet is describing his idea for the song "The Mess Around" to Ray, he tells Ray the song is in G (major). However, Ray immediately plays the song in E flat major.

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Christmas with the Kranks picture

Character mistake: Towards the end of the movie when Tim Allen is on the roof and the fire squad is called. One of the firemen carrying the ladder accidentally hits a man in the head with it.
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National Treasure picture

Character mistake: Nick states that Wall Street was originally a wall (correct) built to defend against the British (incorrect.) The original wall was a wooden palisade built in the 16th Century to defend the colonists against invading natives and to prevent livestock from wandering uptown.

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow picture

Character mistake: After the robots first attack New York City, a series of newspapers is shown. One of the headlines in the French one reads "La Tour Eiffeil est d├ętruite". The proper spelling is "Eiffel" (00:15:55)

Dr Wilson
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Collateral picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Detective Fanning and the other cops are investigating the first murder, one cop tosses a shell casing in a baggie out the window to Fanning. The cop then remarks, "You can still smell the cordite." This is incorrect because cordite has not been used as cartridge propellant since approximately the end of World War II.

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Ladder 49 picture

Character mistake: At their wedding, the Priest announces Jack and Linda as Mr & Mrs Morris, instead of Morrison. (00:37:45)

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Saw picture

Character mistake: Detective Sing asks Dr Gordon to listen to Amanda's testimony. Any detective would know its not a testimony, its a statement. Testimonies are done in court, not a police station. (00:23:00)

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Eurotrip picture

Character mistake: The name on the sign of the pub/private members club of the Manchester United fans is spelt incorrectly: It should read "The Feisty Goat" but Feisty is misspelled on the sign as "Fiesty" instead.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban picture

Character mistake: When Arthur Weasley takes Harry aside in The Leaky Cauldron to warn him about Sirius Black, he says, "13 years ago, when you stopped.... You-Know-Who...Black lost everything." Harry is 13 yrs. old in Prisoner of Azkaban and was a 1 yr. old when he stopped Voldemort. Hence, Harry stopped Voldemort 12 yrs. ago, and not 13! Harry turns 11 just before school starts in Philosopher's Stone, turns 12 before school in Chamber of Secrets and turns 13 yrs. old before school in Prisoner of Azkaban. Just an aside, the last digit of Harry's age always coincides with Harry's year at Hogwarts. So, he's 13 in his 3rd year at Hogwarts, which is entitled Prisoner of Azkaban. (00:17:50)

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Miracle picture

Character mistake: While watching a documentary about the Soviet team Herb Brooks says that the Soviets had had 42 games in the last three months with 42 wins. This was supposed to be said in 1979. In the whole of 1979 Team USSR played 24 games only, winning 23 of them and losing Game 1 of the 1979 Challenge Cup, to the NHL All-Star team.

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The Day After Tomorrow picture

Character mistake: The news reporter says that people are fleeing in the wake of the storm, meaning after the storm, not before the storm, which is what she should have said.

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Secret Window picture

Character mistake: After Mort finds the two bodies in the truck, he makes a great effort to avoid leaving any fingerprints on the door handle and also on the screwdriver he removed from the one body and takes with him. However, when he's pushing the car towards the cliff, he reaches in the window to grab the steering wheel with his bare hand, leaving his prints all over it and uses his other hand to push the truck.

raywest Premium member
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Anchorman picture

Character mistake: After Veronica Corningstone becomes an anchor, there is a montage of newspaper articles featuring her. Her name is misspelled as "Veronica Cornerstone" in one of the headlines.

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Hellboy picture

Character mistake: Tom Manning criticises Hellboy for using a lighter, (correctly) telling him to use a wooden match instead. But he then lights a match and immediately puts it to the cigar, instead of waiting for the sulphur to burn off and using a pure wood-fuelled flame to light it. He's not as well informed as he thinks.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Garfield: The Movie picture

Character mistake: Garfield calls two different dogs Boomer. The first is a white dog at the vet. The second is in the scene at the train station when the dogs from the pound come in Garfield calls Spanky, the brown dog, Boomer.

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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear picture

Character mistake: Flynn has been reading for a while, taking notes, spreading books around, etc. - when Nicole arrives and says that it was nice to watch take-off from the cockpit. The plane must have been in the air for a long time by then.

Jacob La Cour
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The Punisher picture

Character mistake: The newspaper states Frank's son as being 10 years old. But according to the headstone dates, he died at age 8.

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Soul Plane picture

Character mistake: The pilot announces that they will be flying from the 310 (California) to the 212 (New York City/Manhattan). There is no airport in NYC. The closest airports are JFK International and LaGuardia which are both in area code 718 (Queens).

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