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Shrek 2 picture

Trivia: A little foreshadowing - when the King first goes to the Poison Apple pub, a frog with ruby red lips asks him if she has met him before.

Johny English
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The Polar Express picture

Trivia: The voices of Hero Boy's mother and sister are director Robert Zemeckis' wife, Leslie.

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The Incredibles pictureThe Incredibles mistake picture

Trivia: The two old men near the end, talking about it being "old school" are voiced by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two Walt Disney animators who worked on such classics as Bambi and Cinderella.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Team America: World Police picture

Trivia: The "Montage" song is actually from an episode of South Park (Parker and Stone's TV show) called "Asspen," where Stan learns how to ski in a similar montage style.

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The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie picture

Trivia: SpongeBob has worked for the krusty krab for at least 31 years, according to his 374 consecutive employees of the month awards. He is considered a kid because sponges can live to be 500 years old.

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Shark Tale picture

Trivia: When all the sharks are sitting around the table, Lenny coughs up several items including a license plate. This is the same license plate from both "Jaws" and "Deep Blue Sea." (01:10:35)

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Howl's Moving Castle picture

Trivia: Howl's castle is quiet when it moves, to reflect the fact that the majority of the castle is made of papier mache.

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Steamboy picture

Trivia: In the English dub of the film, Anna Paquin voices Ray Steam, Alfred Molina voices Edward (Ray's father) and Patrick Stewart voices Lloyd (Ray's grandfather). The three also share another connection in real-life. Paquin and Stewart co-starred in all three "X-Men" films, which were created by Marvel, and Molina starred in another popular Marvel comic-turned-film, when he appeared as the villain in "Spider-Man 2."

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Home on the Range picture

Trivia: When the cows push Junior down the mine shaft, a "Goofy Holler" can be heard.

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