Best movie plot holes of 2003

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Old School picture

Plot hole: When they are being told they have failed the evaluation, the dean tells them, "Yes, you people did finish with 84%, but another one of your pledges finished with a zero in every category." It then goes on to state that this drops them down to 58%. For one pledge to bring them down 26% there would have to have been less than four pledges, including Blue, i.e. only three actually taking the evaluation.

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The Core picture

Plot hole: When the crew's vessel gets stuck in the giant geode and the crystal jams the 'impeller', the magma begins to fill the chamber. They see it melting the crystals, yet they frantically continue working to free the crystal from the impeller and lose a crewman...and yet when they get back in the vessel, the magma indeed melts out the crystal that jammed the impeller. With 2 geologists onboard you would think they'd know that.

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Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over picture

Plot hole: The Toymaker throws that toy bird at the hippie version of himself. The toy goes through him because he is a hologram. Later, he pushes the soldier version of himself at the screen making it crack. How could he if the three others are holograms?

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Gothika picture

Plot hole: In the scene where she goes to her house after escaping there is no police tape on the front door even though it is a crime scene. Earlier the police searched and taped her office - it only makes sense that they would do the same to her house.

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines picture

Plot hole: The T-X did not hear Catherine in the Animal Hospital when she was only a few feet away and breathing loudly. Considering the scope of some of her technology, one would assume she would easily find her. (00:22:20)

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X-Men 2 picture

Plot hole: When the Drakes (Bobby's family) arrive home they are acting quite naturally, until they find Wolverine there and get a start. Later on we see that they had parked their van in the driveway right behind Cyclops' car, which Logan and company had borrowed and parked there. Wouldn't they, seeing a strange car in their driveway, be suspicious or at least enter their house asking "Bobby, are you home?" (00:52:45 - 00:59:15)

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Wrong Turn picture

Plot hole: The fearless trio is in the watch tower when the hillbillies set fire to it. Realizing their fate if they stay, the three then jump out the window and onto nearby tree branches in order to escape the blaze. After escaping the towering inferno, it seems that the fire dies immediately. These three don't go far after jumping and are in the trees for some time. Shouldn't there be a great glow and lots of noise and smoke from the fire as the watch tower burns down? (00:53:45 - 00:56:00)

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Finding Nemo picture

Plot hole: When Nemo is coming out of the filter after trying to stop it for the first time, it starts to go again. The fish come to help him, and the fake seaweed they put in there doesn't reach. When they show the fish, they still have almost half of it they could put in to save him.

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle picture

Plot hole: Why would Madison Lee put the bomb in the car if she was so convinced that the Angels were dead? If she wanted to off them just in case, she could have shot them while they were unconscious. (01:21:50)

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Lost Treasure picture

Plot hole: A tsunami has supposedly just hit the island, yet the trees and plants (and a 500 year old treasure chest) are undamaged.

Mark Bernhard
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Cradle 2 the Grave picture

Plot hole: When the "black diamond" is being turned into its dangerous form, the arms dealers get very excited. Yet all they actually see is a very pretty laser show. There is nothing to show that the object really has any destructive power. Arms dealers make their fortunes by being cautious and smart. They shouldn't be so quick to accept the claims of the bad guy and bid money on possibly useless stones. (01:18:20)

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Timeline picture

Plot hole: At the very beginning of the film, the historical record reflects what appears to be the original series of events. However, all of the physical evidence reflects the various changes made by the characters throughout the movie. The most glaring example is the fact that history records the hanging of Lady Claire, which motivated the French peasants to the point that they successfully took the English held castle. However, they also find the sarcophagus, which contains the remains of Lady Claire and Andre Marek, from when they died some twenty five years after the battle, because he went back in time and saved her life. But if Lady Claire is in the sarcophagus, then she wasn't hanged in 1357 and it wouldn't be a matter of historical fact. Both set of circumstances can't be true at the same time.

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New this month Suggested correction: The remains of the sarcophagus doesn't reveal that it is Andre Marek nor Lady Claire until after she isn't hanged and they come back. All that is revealed is that the man and woman were together and the man's ear was cut off. This means that the pair could have been any two people who were alive at that time. When Marek gets his ear cut off, he remembers what he saw in the sarcophagus and starts claiming that it was him and knows that he should stay. If Marek had went back to the present, then it would have just been a coincidence and may have even been changed to where he sees that the ear is magically there or that it did fall off. At the very end when Kate is showing them the message written, which again, wasn't revealed until after Claire didn't die, she says, 'If Marek had come back with us, what would be written here instead?'. All of this is evidence to how the sarcophagus was always going to look the same but the people inside it would change based on Marek's actions.

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Taxi 3 picture

Plot hole: When Qiu is leaving Emilien, she ties him to a chair, sitting on a raised platform. This is to make it possible for the big ball to hit Emilien. But, when Daniel arrives, Emilien is able to throw himself into the trunk, which means, that if Daniel didn't show up, Emilien could have just thrown himself to the floor instead. So if he would be off the raised platform, he would never have been hit by the big ball in the first place.

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Hollywood Homicide picture

Plot hole: Calden would almost certainly not be allowed into the autopsy room without some protection: a facemask, goggles, gloves. Not only to protect from errant bodily fluids (as we saw) but also to protect from any infectious diseases those fluids (or any escaping gasses) might carry. Also, he runs the risk of contaminating the evidence.

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Gigli picture

Plot hole: When Bryan is shuffled in at "The Baywatch" as one of the dancing extras, wouldn't the director of the film notice that one of his beach dancers (Bryan) is actually dressed for cold weather rather than a day at the beach? He's wearing sweats and a hooded sweatshirt, and he stands out like a sore thumb with all those girls in bikinis around him.

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Daddy Day Care picture

Plot hole: It's amazing that the two Chapman women weren't caught at "Rock for Daddy Day Care". One of them unzips a guy's dog costume in the middle of the path with everyone walking by. A little kid actually stares right at her when she does this. Also when Jenny puts the cockroaches in the salad, the people who were waiting in line for food would definitely have seen her. There are many more parts like this.

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The Recruit picture

Plot hole: If Zack is the NOC as Layla says, why is she reporting to him (passing him notes at Union Station) rather than someone in her chain of command? The NOC is supposed to be "out there alone" according to Burke, not mixed up in the command structure.

Joel Gordon
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Freddy Vs. Jason picture

Plot hole: The sheriff orders a 24 hour roadblock on the town, yet the van has no trouble driving to Crystal Lake.

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What A Girl Wants picture

Plot hole: When Daphne enters the fashion show by mistake, a guy in the audience says ' She can dump tea in my harbor anytime.' He couldn't know she's an American, she hasn't met him or spoken.

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen picture

Plot hole: When the team plays back the record, it contains an extremely high-pitched tone which triggers the crystal sensors on the ship. But the speech on the record is low quality. This low quality would be the result of extreme frequencies being lost; but if they were, the trigger tone (a VERY extreme frequency) would be lost too. If the League's gramophones are capable of recording and playing such a tone, they should also be able to record and play back the speech without any quality loss. (01:09:05)

Moose Premium member
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