Best movie mistakes of 2003

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The Triplets of Belleville picture

Continuity mistake: When Champion receives the dog, the alignment of the box changes after the first shot. (00:05:10)

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Rectuma picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene in which Waldo & his co-worker are sorting parcels at the post office, an umbrella type photographic light diffuser can be seen reflected in a television set perched on a shelf in the background.

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Rugrats Go Wild! picture

Continuity mistake: When Donnie steals Chuckie's clothes and glasses, Chuckie puts on Donnie's shorts and complains about his eyesight. But later in the movie, when he doesn't have his glasses, it seems he can see just fine. Then, when he gets his glasses back, he says something like "I can see again."

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National Lampoon's Gold Diggers picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the two guys steal the lady's purse and pull off her fake arm, the arm they grab is the woman's left one, but the arm the guy is swinging around is a right arm.

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Cybermutt picture

Continuity mistake: Nino gets trussed up in silver duct tape. The boy gets bundled over the shoulders of one of the bad guys, and you can see that there is only a small amount of tape around his legs. They go straight inside the meat packing factory and suddenly in the next shot, there is a huge amount of tape around the boy's legs.

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Den of Lions picture

Continuity mistake: When Rob stops Katya and pushes her against the wall some of Katya's hair lies on her chin. The hair disappears and appears between the following shots. (00:29:40)

Mortug Premium member
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Vlad picture

Factual error: How can a gun being *thrown at* a car window (as Adrian did with the thug's gun in the car chase sequence) possibly shatter the glass? No shots fired, no full body weight being thrown - just the gun.

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Beyond Borders picture

Factual error: Sarah states that Namibia is on the Ivory Coast, while in fact, it is on the Skeleton Coast in southern Africa.

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Kal Ho Naa Ho picture

Continuity mistake: The first time at the station, Sweetu looks back at the camera representing Aman with a confused look on her face, mouth open a little bit, teeth clenched. During the Heartbeat instrumental song when they show a flashback of the same moment with Aman in the shot, Sweetu looks at him with a big smile on her face. You can see this because when her face turns her mouth is visibly wide open and her lips are curled upward. (00:10:35 - 00:20:40)

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The Cooler picture

Continuity mistake: When Natalie tells Bernie about her son, the lock of hair hanging down in front of her right eye disappears and reappears randomly throughout the scene. It's present in only about half of the frontal shots, and no shots from any other angle. (00:37:20)

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Blackball picture

Factual error: All UK driving test instructors must wear a yellow reflective waistcoat or jacket while instructing someone during their driving test. This was still true in 2002 when the film was shot.

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A Mighty Wind pictureA Mighty Wind mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As the New Main Street Singers are performing their second song at the show, you can see Parker Posey pretend to use her guitar as a shotgun. The strap for the guitar drops from her shoulder down to her right forearm when she does this. When the shot changes the strap is back up over her shoulder. (01:01:40)

Lummie Premium member
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Matchstick Men picture

Continuity mistake: As Nicolas Cage is smoking a cigarette in his car when his daughter comes into view for the 1st time. The camera angle flips between him, him with her in the background, to his key, back to him, and back to him with her in the background. Each time the angle changes so does the length of his cigarette. The time span is only a matter of 10-15 secs as she walks up and then starts to walk away, but his cigarette ends up being longer than when she walked up. (00:25:25)

Donald Jenkins
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Swimming Pool picture

Continuity mistake: Julie doesn't come home one night; the next day as she is getting out of the pool we see that she has been "roughed up" and has a black eye. Next to her eye there is a circular bruise/mark. That evening, as Julie and Sarah are at dinner the bruise is now under Julie's eye and is a different shape (longer and more oval in shape). (00:52:50 - 00:58:00)

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Blind Horizon picture

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning of the movie, in the shot where Val Kilmer is unconscious and lying down on the ground, he first appears with his right hand facing up, then facing down, then facing up again.

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Gigli picture

Plot hole: When Bryan is shuffled in at "The Baywatch" as one of the dancing extras, wouldn't the director of the film notice that one of his beach dancers (Bryan) is actually dressed for cold weather rather than a day at the beach? He's wearing sweats and a hooded sweatshirt, and he stands out like a sore thumb with all those girls in bikinis around him.

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Brother Bear picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning and end of the film, there is a narration who the subtitles label as Sitka, but at the very beginning, we see that the narrator is actually Denahi.

Susan Kirk
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The Sleeping Dictionary picture

Audio problem: When John confronts Selima about the baby and they've walked out of the house and down the steps, from the side of her face you can see Selima's lips moving even though there is no sound coming out.

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My Boss's Daughter picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Hans tries to hang himself, you can see that the chandelier falls down but in the next scene when O.J the owl flies underneath it, it is still there.

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In the Cut picture

Continuity mistake: When Detective Rodriguez is looking in his rearview mirror at Frannie he has facial stubble in one shot and then is shaven in the next. (00:30:00)

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