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Holes picture

Trivia: The Attorney General in the final scenes with the cowboy hat and round sunglasses is the stunt coordinator. The director gave him a small part to say thank you for his contribution to the film.

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Wonderland picture

Trivia: Filming of this movie took only eighteen days.

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Piglet's Big Movie picture

Trivia: After Winnie and Tigger try to distract Kanga by saying "is that a fish in that tree?", there is a new exterior shot of Piglet's house with some trees in the corners in the foreground. There is a fish in one of them.

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Gothika picture

Trivia: In the film poster, the "Not alone" on Halle Berry's forearm is written running from wrist to elbow. However, in the film, when she removes her bandages, it runs elbow to wrist.

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The Haunted Mansion picture

Trivia: The voices for the singing busts are provided by the Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet that performs regularly at Disneyland park in Anaheim, California.

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Swimming Pool picture

Trivia: Near the end, the publisher tells Sarah Morton that he is disappointed in her latest book and asks her "Where's the plot twist?" Interestingly enough, the viewer is presented with a very big plot twist a short while later as the movie ends.

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Identity picture

Trivia: The movie Ginny was talking about (10 people going to an island and being killed one by one) is "And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians" (title depends on region). This seems to be the basis of the story (10 people/victims going to a motel and are killed one by one.)

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In the Cut picture

Trivia: Nicole Kidman was originally cast as Frannie, but Meg Ryan insisted on playing the role and also auditioned, something unusual for famous actresses like her.

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Oldboy picture

Trivia: The second entry in the "Vengeance Trilogy" by director Park Chan-wook. The three films are not directly related, but are connected by similar visual styles and themes of revenge and retribution. The first film was "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," while the final film was "Lady Vengeance." All three films have been optioned for American remakes, although as of 2019, only "Oldboy" has been successfully remade.

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