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Other mistake: When Connie Nielsen is driving the Hummer (with John as the passenger), the steering wheel doesn't move, but her hands do.

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Other mistake: When Sarah is at the computer she creates a new directory and names it "JULIE". However when she opens the "JULIE" directory on the side it says "Julie" (not "JULIE") while the address path remains as it should be "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\JULIE". (00:43:20)

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Other mistake: When they are all on the beach and Simon kicks the zombie, which flips over and spits in his face. It hits his whole face, and some of his chest, yet later in the movie he has just one cheek effected by the "acid".

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Other mistake: In several scenes the Detective is wearing his shield attached to his belt. NYC Detectives do not do this, if displayed it is pinned to their outermost garment.

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Other mistake: When Tom is lying on the road closely inspecting the local ant population, the doctor's cinquecento has to brake and almost skids off the dirt road. However, there was no need for such an emergency stop since the doctor was driving quite slowly and Tom was still about 50 meters away from where the car stopped. (00:45:35)

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Other mistake: This mistake happens in the scene introducing the four singing heads on the Australian release DVD. They start singing when Jim and the kids turn the corner. According to the subtitles, they sing "When the cryptos creak and the tombstones quake, spooks come out for a swinging wake..." The subtitles are supposed to read 'crypt doors', not the incomprehensible 'cryptos'. (00:47:40)

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Other mistake: Several times, Jennings sees himself being shot on the catwalk, and each time there is a closeup on the flying bullet as it travels toward his chest. But in the following shots, as he falls to the ground, there is never any indication of a wound where the bullet should have hit. The time viewer is always perfectly accurate and bases its predictions on the determined actions of the present, not theories of what actions could take place in the future. There is no way the time viewer could simply be omitting this detail.

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Holes picture

Other mistake: When Sam is selling his onions, he asks an old man to take his hat off so he can see if he's bald so he'll know if he needs to sell him some hair growing tonic. The old man is just barely taking off his hat and before Sam can even tell the old man has no hair, Sam says "Mm hm, just as I thought."

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