Best mystery movie audio problems of 2003

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Identity picture

Audio problem: When Paris goes to get her money from the hotel room and runs into Ed, in one shot Paris is talking, then it changes to Ed's face and Paris is still talking, but her mouth isn't moving. (00:45:55)

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Gothika picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Miranda is at her home looking at the photo of her and her husband, she says "why me?" but her mouth does not move. (01:10:55)

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The House of the Dead picture

Audio problem: Kirk's accent changes throughout the film. Sometimes it's American, sometimes Irish, and sometimes Russian.

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Holes picture

Audio problem: When Mr. Pendanski is saying, "Smells like puke from a mule." if you look carefully he is actually saying, "Smells like piss from a mule." Original dialog is in the 'Deleted Scenes' section of the DVD.

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Basic picture

Audio problem: At the beginning when Nielsen says it must have been an honor to know Sgt. West, Travolta says "Well, that's one way to put it" without moving his mouth.

Joel Amos Gordon
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Swimming Pool picture

Audio problem: The first time Sarah goes to bed and is disturbed by the erotic noises coming from downstairs, she puts in earplugs. We then hear the lovemaking at a significantly muted level, as if hearing it from Sarah's (earplugged) point of view. Next she switches off the light and adjusts the covers, which we hear at a normal volume, but the noises from downstairs are still muted.

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Paycheck picture

Audio problem: When Jennings finally reaches the machine and tries to see his future, before fixing it, we see him activating the machine. There are seven clicks as he flips on the switches at his right hand, however, there are only six switches.

Garlonuss Premium member
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