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Identity picture

Timothy York: Whores don't get a second chance.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre picture

Morgan: What are we gonna do?
Kemper: I don't know... uh... we gotta call the cops, I guess.
Morgan: Um, yeah, on a list of bad ideas, that one goes, way up there. Oh, police officers, please, as you inspect a crime scene, which is now our van, please, ignore the colorful pinata, filled with marijuana, in case you happen to come across it, because it played no part, you know, whatsoever in the demise of this unfortunate, young, woman.

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The Order picture

Bookstore Owner: And sometimes when you look into the abyss... the abyss looks back into you.

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House of 1000 Corpses picture

Otis: Huntin' humans ain't nothin' but nothin'. They all run like scared little rabbits. Run, rabbit, run. Run, rabbit. Run, rabbit. Run rabbit. Run, rabbit, run! RUN, rabbit, RUN.

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Final Destination 2 picture

Mrs. Gibbons: Brian, I think you'd better go check that barbecue.

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Gothika picture

Chloe: It was the only way to help him stop.
Miranda: Stop what?
Chloe: Stop fucking me.

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The Sin Eater picture

Thomas Garrett: Oh, women. Can't live with 'em. Can't live with 'em.

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Open Water picture

Susan: I can't even believe you'd bring that up right now. You were the one who picked the dates.
Daniel: Oh yeah, of my whopping two choices - this was the better date.

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Dead End picture

Marion Harrington: I'm pregnant.
Richard Harrington: I smoke pot?.

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Wrong Turn picture

Evan: Okay, you guys go, and we'll just stay here, Francine and.
Scott: And get high.
Evan: Yeah... so?

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Monster Man picture

Adam: Fucking virgin? Isn't that an oxymoron?

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A Tale of Two Sisters picture

Moo-hyeon Bae: Soo-mi, I know you're very angry with me. And I know I'm a bad father.
Bae Soo-mi: You're not even a bad father.
Moo-hyeon Bae: It's cold so let's go inside.
Bae Soo-mi: I will.

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Darkness Falls picture

Matt: Batten, see what that was.
Officer Batten: No, you go see.
Matt: I outrank you.
Officer Batten: Lead by example and see what it was.

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Undead picture

Harrison: I'll fuckin' finish you off faster than a fuckin' birthday cake at a fat chick's fuckin' birthday party.

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Willard picture

Frank Martin: What part of "You're fired" don't you understand?

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Battle Royale II: Requiem picture

Shiori Kitano: The thing people fear most isn't dying, it's being forgotten.

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Dreamcatcher picture

Joe 'Beaver' Clarendon: I wish Henry was here.
Gary 'Jonesy' Jones: He's a shrink, not an internist.
Joe 'Beaver' Clarendon: He went to med school. Did you?
Gary 'Jonesy' Jones: ...I thought about it.

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Freddy Vs. Jason picture

Shack: This ever-clear is kicking my ass.

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The Haunted Mansion picture

Jim: Hey, honey, you know they have dead people in the backyard.
Sara Evers: Well, some people have swimming pools, others have private cemeteries. It can happen.

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The Gathering picture

The Bishop: They came only to see, from the east and from the west, from the city and from the plain. They came not, in holy reverence to the lord, but in lust.

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