Best horror movie plot holes of 2003

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Gothika picture

Plot hole: In the scene where she goes to her house after escaping there is no police tape on the front door even though it is a crime scene. Earlier the police searched and taped her office - it only makes sense that they would do the same to her house.

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Wrong Turn picture

Plot hole: The fearless trio is in the watch tower when the hillbillies set fire to it. Realizing their fate if they stay, the three then jump out the window and onto nearby tree branches in order to escape the blaze. After escaping the towering inferno, it seems that the fire dies immediately. These three don't go far after jumping and are in the trees for some time. Shouldn't there be a great glow and lots of noise and smoke from the fire as the watch tower burns down? (00:53:45 - 00:56:00)

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Freddy Vs. Jason picture

Plot hole: The sheriff orders a 24 hour roadblock on the town, yet the van has no trouble driving to Crystal Lake.

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Identity picture

Plot hole: When the innkeeper is asked by the rich ex-actress to give her the key to a nice room, he gives her a key telling her that eight is cozy and the key has an 8 on it as well. But a few minutes later, when this woman is about to be murdered, she leaves her room (holding her mobile phone) and the door has a 9 on it. How can a key to the room 8 open the door of the room 9? [Still a mistake, but there's an explanation. In the DVD extras you can see a deleted scene in which she changes rooms because she wasn't happy with 8.]

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The Order picture

Plot hole: How did a woman who had just escaped from a mental institution get out of the country so fast? Even if she had a passport already, she wouldn't have it - the hospital or her family would. How could she get it back from them without SOMEONE turning her back in to the institution? It takes a lot to get involuntarily committed in the US, and I doubt she could get un-committed that fast, even with the guy she tried to kill vouching for her.

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The House of the Dead picture

Plot hole: When the main bad guy is being hung as a normal human character, he speaks as he is being hung. However people cannot speak when they are being strangled. (01:15:20)

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Open Water picture

Plot hole: It shows two air tanks missing on the boat. Now obviously when they get back to shore and all the tanks are put back, there would be two empty spaces, meaning hey, we forgot two people.

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Suggested correction: True, but who says they didn't alert the authorities or return when they eventually realised it? Even if they did, the two divers drifted and were being stalked by sharks. It was set up earlier in the film when they showed their flawed way of tracking who went into the water and returned, so it makes sense that they overlooked what happened.

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Underworld picture

Plot hole: Singe states that Viktor and Amelia are pure-blooded Vampires, and seems to agree when Viktor calls the story of the Corvinus Clan a legend. However, Evolution shows that Lucian had formed a partnership with Andreas Tanis, a Vampire who was outcast by Viktor specifically because he knew the truth of the Corvinus Clan and the origins of the Vampire and Lycan bloodlines. Given his lack of loyalty to the Vampires, there is no reason why Tanis would not have told Lucian that Viktor and Amelia are not pure-bloods, or that the legend of the Corvinus clan was entirely true. Lucian would have passed this information to Singe, as it would be vital to his work.

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