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Willard picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Willard is in his bedroom closet, he is trying to block the hole that Ben has created. On a closet shelf there is a Christmas Decorations box. The exact same box can be seen on a shelf behind his boss in the office supply room. (01:01:55 - 01:09:30)

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre picture

Other mistake: When Leatherface chops off Andy's leg with a chainsaw, Leatherface's shadow is seen through the bedsheets, and he is next to Andy. However, Andy runs by very quickly, and there is no way Leatherface would have had enough time to reach froward and chop off his leg.

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Cold Creek Manor picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Dennis Quaid has just rescued Sharon Stone from the devil's throat, they are running through the woods to get back to the house. Quaid says to Stone that they will take the Jeep. He is referring to the Jeep Grand Cherokee that he drives throughout the film. It's a newer model, possibly a Limited, with flashy star-shaped chrome rims. When they get to the house, they see that the Jeep is up in flames. The camera hangs on the vehicle for a solid 3-5 seconds. From this camera shot, it is extremely obvious that the flaming Jeep has rims that, although still star-shaped, are styled quite differently and are most likely the alloy wheel that was very popular on the older Laredo edition from the early to mid-90's.

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The House of the Dead picture

Other mistake: When they are all on the beach and Simon kicks the zombie, which flips over and spits in his face. It hits his whole face, and some of his chest, yet later in the movie he has just one cheek effected by the "acid".

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Open Water picture

Other mistake: The couple are shown travelling on an American Eagle prop plane in the islands, but on-board you see them sitting together with another lady sitting on the left of Susan. The prop planes don't seat 3 together. This shot must have been filmed across the aisle on a larger jet. (00:03:25)

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The Haunted Mansion picture

Other mistake: This mistake happens in the scene introducing the four singing heads on the Australian release DVD. They start singing when Jim and the kids turn the corner. According to the subtitles, they sing "When the cryptos creak and the tombstones quake, spooks come out for a swinging wake..." The subtitles are supposed to read 'crypt doors', not the incomprehensible 'cryptos'. (00:47:40)

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High Tension picture

Other mistake: When "the killer" is pumping gas, if you count the clicks associated with a liter going into the tank, they equal a total of 33 liters of gas, not 27 which is what the pump stops on.

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Final Destination 2 picture

Other mistake: When Kimberly gets in the ambulance at the hospital to drive it into the lake she shifts it upward instead of downward to go from park to reverse.

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Mimic: Sentinel picture

Other mistake: Marvin survives the explosion by hiding in the refrigerator, though despite the massive blast, there is no singeing, burn marks, or even smoke around the holes that were torn into the front of the door before the explosion.

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Freddy Vs. Jason picture

Other mistake: When Will and Lori get out of the Lake at the end, Lori's arm isn't burned. It's only scratched.

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Underworld picture

Other mistake: When Selene's car plunges into the Danube, her car hit the bottom of the river on it's side (the passenger's side). When the camera closes up to the window of the car, you can see water flowing in from the roof of the car (as a result from the holes created by Lucian). It should flow (or at least accumulate) towards Michael's direction because of gravity but it did not. (00:29:45)

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