Best history movie quotes of 2003

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Luther picture

Martin Luther: I cannot and I will not recant. Here I stand.

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The Dreamers picture

Isabelle: We do love you very much.
Matthew: I don't want to be loved very much, I just want to be loved.

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Cambridge Spies picture

Guy Burgess: Vladivostok, Moscow, the Kusnetsk Basin, Cambridge - the coldest places on Earth. Of the four, Cambridge is the coldest, permanently February the nineteenth.

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Hitler: The Rise of Evil picture

Eva Braun: Now why is it, Herr Hitler, that no photographer has ever been able to capture the incredible magnetism of your eyes?

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Gods and Generals picture

General Robert E. Lee: He's lost his left arm. I've lost my right.

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Seabiscuit picture

Red Pollard: Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick.

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