Best movie character mistakes of 2003

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The Italian Job picture

Character mistake: When Charlie is calling out the brick count to Napster from the subway, he describes it as being "13 across, 4 high, 4 deep". The bricks appear to be 2 deep in the safe (13x4x2), so he could just be lumping two shelves together, which works (13x4x4 = 13x4x2x2). The problem is that when the camera pans down there are 3 shelves in the safe. This means that there are more than the 208 bricks that Napster announces. (01:33:40)

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines pictureTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines mistake picture

Character mistake: When the Terminator scans the doorman at the bar, a display comes up categorizing each piece of the doorman's clothing. The word "briefs" is misspelled "breifs". (00:13:40)

Phil C.
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The Core picture

Character mistake: The word "Storyboard" in "Storyboard Artists" during the end titles is misspelled "Stroryboard". (02:05:00)

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Mystic River picture

Character mistake: When Jimmy kills Dave, he says that he killed Just Ray when his wife was pregnant with Brendan, but she was pregnant with Ray Jr (Brendan's brother).

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Cheaper by the Dozen picture

Character mistake: In the sequence when Tom is on the phone trying to find a babysitter, he repeatedly says he needs a babysitter for 12 children. However, Charlie, Lorraine and Nora, who does not even live at home, are much too old to need a babysitter. (00:50:45 - 00:51:25)

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Underworld picture

Character mistake: On two occasions throughout the film, Kraven's accent changes - once when he is talking to Lucian near the beginning of the movie and near the end of the movie when he is telling Selene that Viktor killed her family.

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Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over picture

Character mistake: Before the Megarace, Rez looks back at the camera and says that they'll try to help him out-but you can see Juni's tires in front of Rez's car. In a shot before this one, Rez says Arnold will crush Juni-looking at the camera, which is in front of Rez.

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Monster picture

Character mistake: When Selby goes out to meet friends, they talk about going to "Fun World" in Orlando. However, they did not actually visit "Fun World" they went to "Fun Spot" (look at the signs on the ferris wheel and behind the carousel). Fun Spot is located on international drive in Orlando where as "Fun World" is another amusement park. (01:07:55)

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What A Girl Wants picture

Character mistake: In the scene where the photos of Daphne are flashing by, you see her in a photograph which was supposedly taken at the Chelsea Charity Auction. In the caption, "auction" is incorrectly spelled "aution."

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Johnny English picture

Character mistake: Sauvage declares that he is going to turn England into a prison, but the graphic he is displaying puts the prison walls around the entire island of Great Britain. (01:03:30)

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Love Actually picture

Character mistake: When Jamie is first speaking to Aurelia, he says "molto bueno", which the housekeeper woman tells him is Spanish. 'Molto' is actually Italian. (00:38:30)

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In the Cut picture

Character mistake: When Malloy first visits Frannie in her apartment, he says the girl was killed on the 15th, but when Frannie is in the cop car for the first time, Malloy's partner says it was the 11th.

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle picture

Character mistake: Close to the end, Madison is looking over the H.A.L.O. list on her laptop. When Dylan's profile pops up, her last name, Saunders, is misspelled as Sanders.

Brad Premium member
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Final Destination 2 picture

Character mistake: Although Dr. Kalarjian said that there is a "code blue", which means a patient requiring resuscitation or other immediate medical attention, she wanders over there without rushing at all.

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Suggested correction: When she was getting closer, she started rushing more. It took a while for her to get there but maybe that was just done to fool the audience. Kimberly did think she was going to kill Isabella after all.

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The Cat in the Hat picture

Character mistake: After the things let the dog out, Larry calls Joan and tells her that the kids let him out, and he will get him (the dog). Later, when he's downtown with the dog, he has the line about "when Joan finds out you've escaped, Conrad's out and I'm in". Where is the surprise? He already called her, so she knows!

Movie Nut
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National Security picture

Character mistake: At the security guard graduation, the instructor opens a pouch of quarters and says to use that to call the cops when things get nasty. You don't need to put money in a pay phone to dial 911. (00:21:05)

Quantom X Premium member
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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days picture

Character mistake: In the very first scene in the film, the magazine covers are flashing up. There is an article called 'How to get a better bod in 5 days.' If you read the beginning of the article it says 'It Can Done.'

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The Room picture

Character mistake: When Lisa first seduces Mark, Mark notes "The candles... the music... the sexy dress... What's going on here?" However, there are no candles and there is no music playing at the apartment during the scene.

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The Recruit picture

Character mistake: Before using the handgun, Clayton saw that it had bullets in the magazine. Later, his bullets caused sparks and ricochet sounds from hitting concrete and steel when fighting Zack. After Layla accused him of being a double agent, Clayton challenged Burke to explain what's going on, and deflected most of Burke's lies but then seemed most confused - despite his knowledge to the contrary - by Burke's claim that Zack is alive because Clayton's gun was shooting blanks. (01:37:10 - 01:38:35)

Rich Janis
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The Statement picture

Character mistake: When Michael Caine has to leave in a hurry, he has to leave his belongings behind - two suitcases. When the police arrive, the lead cop tells the lower cop to "take everything", but he doesn't; he only takes 1 suitcase, not 2.

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