Best TV visible crew/equipment of 2002

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Firefly picture

Trash - S1-E14

Visible crew/equipment: When the police arrive at the front door to arrest Mal and Saffron, there is a camera and a crew member reflected in the glass.

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Kath and Kim picture

Sex - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When Kath is following Kim up the stairs with her bags, when they stop half way up the stairs, the cameraman's shadow is visible on Kath.

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Monk pictureMonk mistake picture

Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man - S2-E5

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Captain Stotlemeyer is putting one of the large snakes back in the glass container, he turns and the base of his wireless microphone is visible when his jacket gets bunched up.

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CSI: Miami picture

Just Murdered - S5-E21

Visible crew/equipment: In the flashback of the murderer slamming the car door on the victim's neck and breaking it, we get a clear shot of the cameraman and his camera in the car door (CSI's favorite blooper).

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The Shield picture

Playing Tight - S3-E1

Visible crew/equipment: Dutch and Claudette are watching an interrogation video of the Margos with Armin Chorekian. Just before the scene changes, the boom mic bobs down into the shot above Armins' head for a split second. (00:14:40)

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Greg the Bunny picture

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: In the introduction/theme song, as Tardy Turtle is receiving his diploma, you can see the head of Victor Yerrid (the puppeteer) under the character.

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That's So Raven picture

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: In the episode Driving Miss Lazy, in the scene where they get in Eddie's new car watch Raven get into the car, her left foot kicks a some sort of power outlet on the ground with a lot of plugs in it. Judging from the direction of the cords they seem to go to the camera or other equipment. They wouldn't have put a power outlet there for set decoration.

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The Wire picture

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: In season 3, episode 10, "Reformation", during the opening sequence when two hoodlums are walking out of the convenience store, a lighting rig and crew can be seen on the right-most part of the frame. (00:02:15)

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Without A Trace picture

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: Episode "All for one" (S05E04) - When Malia points the gun to the dealer, for a second you can see two finger tips at the right edge of the screen. There is no other in the alley and it can't be the dealer because the angle would be wrong. (00:29:20)

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