Best comedy TV audio problems of 2002

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Monk picture

Mr. Monk and the Earthquake - S1-E11

Audio problem: Sharona and Benjy are forbidden access to their damaged apartment building. The policeman tells them to call a certain emergency number, but when he says this, his lips aren't moving. (00:11:00)

Jean G
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Kim Possible picture

Number One - S1-E7

Audio problem: In the scene where Kim is running across grass-covered Japan to stop Duff Killigan, when she talks her lips don't move along to the words.

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What's New, Scooby-Doo? picture

Pompeii and Circumstance - S1-E12

Audio problem: When Daphne takes off in the golf cart after picking up the rest of the gang, it makes the sound of tires on pavement. But they are on the dirt floor of the Coliseum. (00:08:55)

Quantom X Premium member
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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius picture

Show generally

Audio problem: In the episode where the Wheezers obtain super powers, at the end of the episode, they are all singing their "Sitting and Singing" song surrounding the flaming duck. When the camera cuts to Carl putting his glasses on, the song can still be heard, but everyone's mouth just keeps saying "Standing, and standing, and standing," even though there are more words heard than just that.

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Top Gear picture

Show generally

Audio problem: When Jeremy and James are playing I spy, during the polar special, just as Jeremy says, "If you say S, I'm going to kill you!" there is a shot from outside the car and you can see that his lips aren't moving.

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