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Blade II picture

Scud: So, B-man, what do you think?
Blade: Sounds like a plan.
Whistler: What do you really think?
Blade: They're gonna fuck us the first chance they get.

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28 Days Later picture

Jim: No, no. No, see this is a really shit idea. You know why? Because it's really obviously a shit idea.

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The Ring picture

Dr. Scott: You don't want to hurt anyone.
Samara Morgan: But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Everyone will suffer.

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Shark Attack 3: Megalodon picture

Ben Carpenter: C'mon, you mother. Come to papa.

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D-Tox picture

FBI Agent Jake Malloy: You're real good at kicking them when they're down, aren't you?
Noah: I do all right when they're standing up, too.
FBI Agent Jake Malloy: You never stood up to anybody.
Noah: Yeah? Well at least I'm there for my women.

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Dahmer picture

Khamtay: Why would you buy me those?
Jeffrey Dahmer: Because I like to do nice things for people. Makes me feel good about myself.
Khamtay: Are you some kind of nut?
Jeffrey Dahmer: That's sad.
Khamtay: What?
Jeffrey Dahmer: That we've gotten to a point where doing nice things for people is considered insane.

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The Mothman Prophecies picture

Indrid Cold: Mary Klein cannot be found by looking. You will see her in time.

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Halloween: Resurrection picture

Rudy Grimes: Don't distract me.
Jenna Danzig: Oh, I can't help myself. I am distracting.

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Hellraiser: Hellseeker picture

Pinhead: All problems solved? Not so simple, I'm afraid.

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Vampire Clan picture

Rod: I've been waiting for you.
Heather: How long have you been here?
Rod: Not long... Five thousand years.
Heather: Okay, that's long.

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The Blair Thumb picture

Trailer Trash Thumb: A lot of kids were disappearing in the woods, all mysterious like. And people thought it might be... David Copperfield. In a stage show, he took a llama and put it in a box. He closed the box and spinned it around. He opened up the box. There's no llama! And you don't see that every day, there's a llama here, llama gone. Llama, no llama. Just chills you to the bones.

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The Queen of the Damned picture

David Talbot: Can I ask...?
Jesse: What's it like?
David Talbot: Yes.
Jesse: Do you want to find out?
David Talbot: Me? No, no - I'm too old to live forever.

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Cabin Fever picture

Justin: Yeah, he's a professor... of being A DOG! oooh, faced... Scratch moded.

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Dog Soldiers picture

Cooper: Sweeping patrols between each of these bunkers - they'll have the whole sector wrapped tighter than an Eskimo's nad-sac.

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Darkness picture

Paul: I don't like the dark here, it keeps eating my pencils.

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Eight Legged Freaks picture

Chris McCormick: Harlan, get up here.
Harlan: I'm afraid of heights.
Chris McCormick: Heights? Are you afraid of spiders?

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May picture

Mama Canady: If you can't find a friend, make one.

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FearDotCom picture

Frank: But then, I'm drunk by 8 p.m.
Mike: It's noon.
Frank: Hey, I'm ahead of the game.

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Carrie picture

Carrie White: Does everyone think they can go on playing tricks on me?

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Ghost Ship picture

Epps: I saw that little girl again.
Ferriman: What? Where?
Epps: I must be losing my goddamn mind.

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