Best horror movie plot holes of 2002

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Halloween: Resurrection picture

Plot hole: When the first security guard, who stayed back to get something to eat, hears something in the laundry room, he walks over to the washing machine where he finds the head of the other security guard inside. He turns around screaming and trips over the security guard's body on the ground with no head. Wouldn't he notice the dead body on the ground when he first entered the room?

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FearDotCom picture

Plot hole: The dead young girl who wears white has hemophilia (uncontrollable bleeding), and her mother states that she's scared of all sharp metal objects (scissors, etc.), yet she goes to play in an old abandoned steel mill all the time.

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Ghost Ship picture

Plot hole: At the end, there is an explosion large enough to destroy and sink an entire ocean liner, but Julianna Margulies, who was sitting right next to where the explosion went off, not only lives, but is virtually unscathed? Yeah, right. (01:19:00 - 01:20:35)

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American Psycho II: All American Girl picture

Plot hole: The psycho coed murders her lecherous professor (played by William Shatner) by pushing him out a window. In the very next scene, she's driving around with his body propped up in the passenger seat of her car. She weighed no more than 100 lbs., tops, and Shatner was easily at least 250 when this film was made. No way she could have dragged him to her car and lifted his dead weight into the seat, no matter how much adrenalin she was pumped with. Physically impossible.

Jean G
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Hellraiser: Hellseeker picture

Plot hole: After Bret shoots himself, Trevor goes to look for Sage; considering she sort of tried to stab him to death when last they 'met', it doesn't seem likely he'd go to her for help, when she has become another person he can't trust.

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Cabin Fever picture

Plot hole: Marcy was killed because she was unable to unlock the tool shed door quickly enough to get inside where she'd be safe from the mad dog. So how did the dog get inside the tool shed where Paul finds him only minutes later? (01:10:50)

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The Eye picture

Plot hole: Mun has an eye transplant, and this gives her the ability to see the dead. However, how come she can also hear the ghosts as well?

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Resident Evil picture

Plot hole: Why does Umbrella know that Red Queen killed everyone, but not that the virus is loose? Is there no way to see into or receive data from the Hive other than Red Queen? Does every communication in or out have to be approved through her? And even if she is the sole conduit for information into and out of the Hive, her primary purpose for existing is to keep the T-virus from escaping. Umbrella THINKS that Red Queen has malfunctioned. BUT, she is working perfectly! So suppressing info that the T-virus is loose in the Hive would contradict her core programming. So why doesn't Umbrella know?

Grumpy Scot
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Suggested correction: Umbrella knows the T-virus is loose, they wanted that to happen. They send the team in there to fight their creations, to test their creations. Not to shut the hive down, that was just a ruse. Also, it's possible the Hive Queen was never meant to keep the T-virus from escaping, Umbrella was the one to program her and Umbrella wants a whole lot of things to happen except containing the T-virus as we learn from the future movies. The hive Queen was just a controlling unit for the experiment of the hive, to help the experiment succeed.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles picture

Plot hole: Holmes asks what had frightened Sir Charles enough to make him run away from the house. But when Dr. Mortimer described the scene, he only mentioned that at one point the prints did not show heel imprints. It is an easy deduction that sir Charles had been running, but the doctor did not say anything about the direction of the footprints.

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Deathwatch picture

Plot hole: Towards the end of the film when Private Shakespeare is talking to the wounded soldier, his coat and hair are suddenly dry, strange when the majority of the film is set outdoors in the rain.

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The Mothman Prophecies picture

Plot hole: In the scene where Richard Gere is looking at his reflection in the motel bathroom mirror, he imagines smashing his face into the mirror. When the phone rings, breaking his hallucination, he still has blood on his hands but it is never addressed.

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28 Days Later picture

Plot hole: When someone is in a coma for 28 days, the hospital would have AT LEAST have catheterized said person, however when Jim wakes up in the hospital he is not attached to anything but an IV.

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Suggested correction: What happened when Jim was admitted is never revealed. Being that there is nothing to show what happened when he was admitted its impossible to say certain procedures would have been followed or more simply the hospital might have not undertaken them. More importantly we don't know when the virus hit certain areas. In addition Jim was taken in around the time the virus was first starting to spread and hospitals would be the most likely place someone infected would be taken to so many working or staying there would have been the first to have been infected. With that scenario the staff at the hospital might have neglected some of their patients because of how quickly the virus spread.

Lummie Premium member
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Carrie picture

Plot hole: Ms. Desjarden escaped the prom through an air vent, but the chair she used fell over, leaving her dangling from the vent with little time to escape before the gym burned down.

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Suggested correction: That was the entire point of the scene where we finally see her police interview at the end where it reveals that she survived. It was supposed to be a surprise for the audience that she survived. True, there was little time for her to pull herself up into the vent, but little time is not the same thing as no time. Someone with as much determination as Desjarden had might have found the strength to pull themselves up, as has happened many times in other movies and even in real life. We don't see exactly what happens after the chair falls, so we can't definitively say whether or not her survival was plausible.

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Infested picture

Plot hole: Throughout the movie, the flies are vulnerable to light (direct sunlight and even lightbulbs) to the point of incinerating in a split second. Except... they are not; in several sequences they fly to and from bodies and without even taking a direct path (look at all the action happening in front of the house, by the cars, in broad daylight).

Sammo Premium member
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