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Halloween: Resurrection picture

Other mistake: After Michael kills Laurie at the beginning, he hands the knife to the inmate with the clown mask. The next kill is the cameraman for which he uses the tripod ends. A few scenes later they show Michael standing holding a knife with fresh blood on it. He hasn't killed anybody with this knife yet so where did the blood come from?

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Blade II picture

Other mistake: Towards the end of the film, after Snipes beats the crap out of a lot of vampires, Whistler throws Blade's sunglasses to him. They show him throw them in one shot, then in the next shot they show Snipes catching them. But look in the background at Whistler, he doesn't have the glasses, but is moving his arm like he is throwing them. The glasses must have been computer animated, and bad editing contributed to this mistake. (01:37:34)

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Eight Legged Freaks picture

Other mistake: Every person in the movie has exactly the same make and model of computer with exactly the same desktop configuration on it. The number, type and order of icons is the same, as is the plain blue background. (00:30:50 - 00:31:40)

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Resident Evil picture

Other mistake: When the train arrives back under the mansion from the Hive, it enters the station from the wrong direction. Looking at the track from the platform, the train comes in from right to left, when it should be from left to right. (01:27:20)

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D-Tox picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Stallone's partner is driving him to the detox center, you first see the truck with tyre chains on only the rear wheels. Half a minute down the road they are on all four tyres.

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May picture

Other mistake: When May is sewing the red blouse for her coffee shop meeting with Adam, the presser foot of her sewing machine is not down. (00:10:20)

Hamster Premium member
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Dog Soldiers picture

Other mistake: The werewolves have cut the power to the house, but in half the scenes there is an electrical light source. How is this possible?

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Cube 2: Hypercube picture

Other mistake: When Max looks into the room with Julia, we see her lying on the ground from the perspective of the original room. But when Max enters the room, we find out that the room's gravity is different, meaning Julia should really have been lying on the wall, by the perspective of the original room.

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The Ring picture

Other mistake: The skull they used for the little girl in the well is obviously an adult's skull.

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Dahmer picture

Other mistake: Jeffrey gets pulled over by a cop. He shows his license to the cop and the date of birth is the late 1990s, but he was a young boy in the 70s.

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The Mothman Prophecies picture

Other mistake: John explains to his friend Ed that, within the last two weeks since the accident, Mary has undergone brain surgery to remove the tumor in her right temporal lobe and that she is undergoing chemotherapy. This surgery alone would necessitate shaving at least half of Mary's head, and the chemotherapy would prevent her hair from growing out again for months. But, in the immediate next scene, we see John at Mary's side as she recovers in the hospital, and her red hair with natural hairline is as full and lush as in the beginning of the film.

Charles Austin Miller
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Ghost Ship picture

Other mistake: Ferriman says he can only mark someone if they do something sinful first. Dodge shouldn't have been marked as he technically shot Ferriman in self-defense, which isn't considered a sin, but near the end Epps sees her dead crewmates and Dodge is also shown as well as marked.

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28 Days Later picture

Other mistake: When Jim, Selena, Frank and his daughter enter the supermarket, you can notice all the fresh produce (apples, carrots etc) looking fresh. This virus has been going on for a few days now, and supermarkets get their fresh produce out immediately. After 10 days or so, give or take, the fresh produce shouldn't be looking this fresh. (00:46:00)

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