Best TV mistake pictures of 2000

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Red Dress - S1-E2

Malcolm in the Middle mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Dewey yells for Lois because the bow was put on the present, if you look to the left of Lois, you will see a crewmember kneeling down, handing Lois the Red Dress, who is holding a bucket of water. He quickly gets out of the camera's view. [This is on the DVD of the first season. Someone said on the audio commentary that after catching it, they deliberately left it in to see if anyone would spot it. It's still a mistake, but that's why it's there.]

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Pilot (1) - S1-E1

Dark Angel mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Max is holding Lydia upside down from the window, in one shot of Max you can see the harness used to hold Lydia.

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Jane and the Truth Snake - S2-E5

Coupling mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When we first see the guys at the pub, Jeff takes a swig of beer and you can see that his glass is almost empty. After a few seconds of conversation, he takes another sip and the amount of drink has significantly increased. (00:06:00)


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Dad's Dead - S1-E2

Titus mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In Titus' first flashback, he and Dave sit on a couch in Ken's peripheral vision. When the camera shifts to the "fist cam", the couch is now facing Ken head-on. (00:02:15)

Cubs Fan

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