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Remember the Titans picture

Stupidity: In the first game of the season, Pete makes a tackle on a receiver and causes him to fumble. The play results in a scoop and score, only the Titans player who recovers the ball runs the wrong way.

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Hollow Man picture

Stupidity: In the freezer you can see the electrical wire power cord that is powering the motor on the wall. She could have easily pulled/ ripped the wire to stop the freezer from working. And when the chemical bomb is in the mixer they could have unplugged the machine which would stop it from going off.

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Scream 3 picture

Stupidity: The killer manages to surprise Stone talking to him on the phone in the middle of the night without Stone managing to hear him; he was outside the trailer with the open door. (00:42:00)

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Drowning Mona picture

Stupidity: Phil and Rona are in their usual cabin for their usual get-together when Phil tries to tell Rona that Mona is dead, but Rona says, "You'll find me floating at the bottom of the Hudson." If you are floating in a body of water, you are on the top, not the bottom.


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