Best crime movie easter eggs of 2000

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Easter egg: On Disc 2 of the limited edition DVD, select the Clock icon on the main menu. When you get a series of questions, pick C for all of them, until you get 4 pics of a woman changing her tire, then put the pics in reverse order. If done right, the credits will start to play backwards, then the movie plays in the correct order with the phone call scenes being first.

Sam Johnson
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Easter egg: The Zone 2 DVD contains an easter egg accessible by pressing 'up' twice. A dollar icon shows on screen, press 'enter' and you'll get to a list of spot fines whilst filming (mentioned on the 'Making of Snatch' feature). There are three pages of crimes and cost, browse them by hitting 'previous' and 'next'.

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Easter egg: Go to the Main menu, then to Special features. On the Special Features page highlight the little "New Line Cinema" logo, to open a page of credits.

Hamster Premium member
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