Best movie continuity mistakes of 2000

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Frequency picture

Continuity mistake: After the first time the mother disappears from the family photo, and the father and son are talking after the father "saves" the first nurse, there is a wide shot of the board with the family picture on it - and it shows the mother in the picture. When the camera zooms in on the picture, the mother is gone again.

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Small Time Crooks picture

Continuity mistake: During the party, Chi Chi starts off wearing pants, then she has a dress on, then it goes back to pants.

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The Ladies' Man picture

Continuity mistake: When Julie is in the diner with Leon and she reads the letter that Leon got, the note reads 'I've never forgotten that fateful night.' But Julie says 'I still remember that fateful night.

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Anatomy picture

Continuity mistake: When the girl discovers her bed all bloody, she touches the blood and her hands get bloody. She grabs a book and starts flipping the pages, but if you watch closely ,you can observe that her hands are clean, there is no blood.

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Hellraiser: Inferno picture

Continuity mistake: In the close up of Thorne dropping his keys in a dish near the beginning of the movie, his keys are for a Dodge vehicle, but he drives a Cheverolet Sedan.

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Relative Values picture

Continuity mistake: One of the characters flies from America to England. He takes off in a Pan-Am Boeing Stratocruiser, but lands in a TWA Lockheed Constellation.

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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker picture

Continuity mistake: When Bruce plays the clip of the Joker appearing at the rooftop party, the audio clip that plays with it is not the same as when the Joker actually said it during the attack. The clip seems a bit more subdued than the actual voice track.

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Cruel Intentions 2 picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Cherie falls from her bike and her headphones fall off, onto the floor. When she stands up they reappear back on her head. (01:19:00)

Hamster Premium member

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Looking for Alibrandi picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene after Josie fights with Jacob and the two of them are outside his house, and his hands are on her face. When the camera is behind them and shows Jacob's face, his hands are over her hair, but when it switches to Josie's face, his hands are under.

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An Extremely Goofy Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Goofy throws his horseshoe at Bradley near the end of the film, it hits him in the neck. But later when you see Bradley, he has a black eye even though the horseshoe never hit him in the eye.

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Gossip picture

Continuity mistake: When Jones throws the glass of wine on the floor, the glass shatters and is completely dry.

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Spiders picture

Continuity mistake: When Marci escapes from the web in the elevator shaft, she closes the door on the spider chasing her. In that sequence, the door closes automatically; in other scenes, the door opens and closes manually.

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Crime and Punishment in Suburbia picture

Continuity mistake: They day after the abusive encounter with her stepfather, there is a shot of Rosanne full on, walking forward. There are three pieces of hair on her face. Then there is a side shot of her and there is no hair on her face and it's all pulled back.

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Ordinary Decent Criminal picture

Continuity mistake: When the car door (of Mr. and Mrs. Harmless) is being hit by the truck, the truck can be seen in the moment of collision, but disappears in the next shot, when the door flies over the street. (00:24:40)

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Boys and Girls picture

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer gets into the airport taxi, she leaves her big hat next to the steps. She doesn't have it with her in the taxi, but when she runs up the stairs to where Ryan lives, she has it in her hand.

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MVP: Most Valuable Primate picture

Continuity mistake: The jersey on the chimp goes back and forth between Ribchimpsky (the injured player) and Jack. The numbers on the jersey change as well.

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Passion of Mind picture

Continuity mistake: When Marie was in France, she walked around in her living room at night and took a knife from a basket and saw Aaron's reflection on it. She was frightened and dropped it. When she crouched down to pick it up, it changed into a pair of scissors.

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Dinosaur picture

Continuity mistake: When Aladar is trying to help Eema get up, his eyes turn blue in one shot and in the next, they turn back to the usual green. The same thing happens at the end of the movie, when Aladar's baby hatches out of the egg.

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Committed picture

Continuity mistake: In that whole "arousing my curiosity" scene, in one shot Neil is wearing yellow gloves, but in the next shot of him, his hands are bare.

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