Best biography movie continuity mistakes of 2000

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Erin Brockovich picture

Continuity mistake: When Ed is taking his tie off after the meeting with the PG&E clerk, he loosens it, then they cut to Erin, then back to Ed, and his tie is back to tight around his neck, and he's taking something out of his breast pocket. Then they cut back, and his tie is off. (00:52:42)

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Men of Honour picture

Continuity mistake: When the Master Diver is preparing to go under water to take the final exam, he is shown being fitted with a brass helmet with a window on top. In the next shot as he is descending the ladder into the water, there is no window.

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The Audrey Hepburn Story picture

Continuity mistake: In the hospital scene, Audrey's mother is sitting down with the bed table to her left. We see her start to rise, but when the shot cuts, she's suddenly standing at the bedside on the other side of the table, with no time transition included for her to get there naturally. (01:57:30)

Jean G
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Daydream Believers: The Monkees' Story picture

Continuity mistake: When Micky is talking to the guy outside the audition room, he has a red book and pencil with him. When he goes into the audition room, the book has disappeared.

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Pollock picture

Continuity mistake: When Pollock is filmed painting, the boots he is wearing change to shoes, then back to boots again.

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Chopper picture

Continuity mistake: 1st shot: Chopper's girlfriend leaves the car; the headlights are on. 2nd shot: Chopper leaves the car to go up to her stoop to talk to her (through a closed door) and after she refuses him, he runs back to his car (old-school vehicle, far before the advent of headlights that turned themselves off) and 3rd shot: the headlights are OFF.

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Joseph: King of Dreams picture

Continuity mistake: When Joseph is in the slave market his clothes are dark, but when he is lead into Potiphar's house for the first time, his clothes are white. They return to a dark colour before they are thrown in the fire.

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