Best mystery movie audio problems of 1999

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The Ninth Gate picture

Audio problem: After the part where Johnny Depp finds his bookstore friend dead, he gets back in the cab. After driving for a while, he tells the cab driver to pull over to the phone booth. The cab driver says "No problem, sir" but you can see the cab driver's lips in the rear view mirror, and they never move.

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8mm picture

Audio problem: Right after Max and Tom watch the two fake snuff films, Max mentions the record company's lack of interest. At one point his lip movements don't seem to match his words. (00:50:35)

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The Haunting picture

Audio problem: When Nell is helping Theo carry her bags to her room, Theo turns to Nell and says "well, everyone calls me Nell, don't you love it here?" Immediately, Theo then says "I love it." But her lips don't move, she's just smiling. (00:15:35)

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Sleepy Hollow picture

Audio problem: Near the end of the movie, when Ichabod gives the horseman his head back, in one shot, the horseman has his sword in one hand, and in the next shot he puts his head on with both hands; yet we do not hear any sound of him either dropping his sword or re-sheathing it.

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The General's Daughter picture

Audio problem: When Paul goes to Moore's house after Moore is released, it is implied that classical music is playing really loudly in Moore's house. When Paul breaks the door down, the music is still playing and the turntable is spinning in the foreground, but the needle is already at the end of the record.

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Dogma picture

Audio problem: When the car breaks down, Bethany slams the car's seat back to its upright position. Cut to the frontal shot and you can hear the click of the car seat as it goes backwards, even though you could hear and see the seat being put back.

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Idle Hands picture

Audio problem: During the scene right after Anton runs into the scarecrows in his house only to find out they are his deceased mom and dad, you see him run out to his porch and begin throwing up into his bushes. You can hear the sounds of liquid hitting the bushes, but you see nothing coming out of his mouth (there is enough light in the film to determine this).

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