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Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein picture

Dr. Frankenstein: Finally - my fiendish formula is finished.
Alvin Seville: Try saying that three times - quickly.
Dr. Frankenstein: My finished formula is frrr... my formlest fiendula is... my fishiest formula... my fie... never mind.

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Miss Hannigan: I don't know whatever I'd do without you.
Annie: Scrub the floors yourself?

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Stuart Little picture

George Little: Maybe we should go home.
Mr. Little: Why?
George Little: I'm not wearing my lucky underwear.
Mr. Little: You don't have lucky underwear.
George Little: Well, maybe we should get some, and then come back for another race.

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The Iron Giant picture

Kent Mansley: Launch the missile now.

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Toy Story 2 picture

Buzz Lightyear: I'll never give in. You killed my father!
Emperor Zurg: No, Buzz. I *am* your father!

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My Favorite Martian picture

Uncle Martin: Wake up, Tim. There's a big day ahead of us.
Tim O'Hara: It's still night time. You've been asleep for 30 seconds.
Uncle Martin: 30 seconds? I was tired.

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Inspector Gadget picture

Penny: Having another hero cop dream, Uncle John?
Officer John Brown: Every time I close my eyes.

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Tarzan picture

Kerchak: You came back.
Tarzan: I came home.

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Genius picture

Charlie Boyle aka Chaz Anthony: I have to watch my sister.
Claire Addison: I thought you were an only child?
Charlie Boyle aka Chaz Anthony: I am. Sister... Mary Catherine... she's a nun... and an invalid.

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Don't Look Under the Bed picture

Larry Houdini: You know what? I think I liked you better as a boogey... peeerson.

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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century picture

Zenon: ONE sin minor and my life is a living black hole.

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Smart House picture

Angie: OK, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad.
Ben: Next time, you should think before you open your mouth.

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Baby Geniuses picture

Sly: They've got Whit.
Dan: Who's got Whit? Wait, you're Whit.

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Dudley Do Right picture

Voice of the Announcer: Meanwhile, back at Snidely's not-so-secret hideout.

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Fantasia 2000 picture

Angela Lansbury: Walt Disney described the art of animation as a voyage of discovery, into the realms of color, sound, and motion. The music from Igor Stravinsky's ballet "The Firebird" inspires such a voyage. And so we conclude this version of "Fantasia" with a mythical story of life, death, and renewal.

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Muppets From Space picture

Ed Singer: I'm afraid we're going to have to perform an invasive quadrilobal brain probe on you and pluck it from your head.
Gonzo: The information?
Ed Singer: No, your brain.

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October Sky picture

Quentin: They watched us get arrested. We're practically ex-convicts. They'll never dance with us.
O'Dell: Jesus, Quentin, you don't know anything about women.

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Passport to Paris picture

Jean: You have to worry.
Michel: He means to say: you don't have to worry.

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