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The Big Lebowski picture

Goon: What the fuck is this?
[Picks up a bowling ball hesitatingly.]
The Dude: Obviously you're not a golfer.

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Beloved picture

Beloved: Where your diamonds?
Sethe: Diamonds? What would I be doing with diamonds?
Beloved: On your ears.
Sethe: Wish I did. Come to think of it, I had some crystal once. Present from the lady I used to work for.
Beloved: Tell me. Tell me your diamonds.

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The Negotiator picture

Lieutenant Chris Sabian: I can't believe this, I'm just surrounded by a room of people who wanna go in there and kill him. This is the guy who call you friend. I got nothing invested in this. I wonder why that is, or maybe someday we'll find out.

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Meet Joe Black picture

Quince: Do you like me, Joe?
Joe Black: Oh, yes, Quince. You're one of my favorites.

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Twilight picture

Jack Ames: Fuck you.
Harry Ross: Just me? Not the horse I rode in on?
Jack Ames: Him too.

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Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island picture

Daphne Blake: What I need is a real, live ghost.
Velma Dinkley: That's an oxymoron, Daph.

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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer picture

Tyrell: Don't get her started all right. It's a long fucked up story and you probably won't believe it anyway. All I know is that this is the worst vacation of my life. I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm fucking horny and I ain't seen one goddamn psycho killer.

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The Last Broadcast picture

David Leigh, The Filmmaker: At 10 PM, in what will be the last broadcast, Fact or Fiction goes live.

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Dark City picture

Mr. Wall: No more Mr. Quick. Mr. Quick, dead, yes.
Stranger: Poor, poor Mr. Quick.

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The Red Violin picture

Charles Morritz: What do you do when the thing you most wanted, so perfect, just comes?

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The Faculty picture

Delilah: Casey, when did you become Sigourney Weaver?

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Practical Magic picture

Sally Owens: It was the curse, wasn't it? He died because I loved him so much.

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Sphere picture

Harry: Whatever it is, it was inside the Sphere. Now it's out, free to act.

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Urban Legend picture

Michael McDonnell, gas station attendant: Someone's in the back... seat.

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The X-Files Movie picture

Special Agent Fox Mulder: I just got chased through Texas by two black helicopters.
Alvin Kurtzweil, MD: And why do you think it is you're standing here talking to me? These people don't make mistakes.

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Ringu picture

Reiko Asakawa: So that video is.
Ryuji Takayama: It's not of this world. It's Sadako's fury. And she's put a curse on us.

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Zero Effect picture

Daryl Zero: My father was an evil, abusive man. And he killed my mother when she was sleeping. And then he slit his wrists, when I was thirteen. I don't talk about that much. I used to when it happened and then one day I woke up and, I don't know. Everything was different.

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Following picture

Cobb: You take it away... to show them what they had.

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Snake Eyes picture

Kevin Dunne: Don't give me that wounded look. You haven't got the face for it.

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Wild Things picture

Sam: Kelly Van Ryan is accusing me of rape.
Kenneth Bowden: Kelly Van Ryan? As in Sandra Van Ryan?
Sam: As in, I'm fucked.

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