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Ronin picture

Factual error: When Gregor shoots the guy in the car after nearly killing the little girl, blood sprays over the window, but there's no bullet hole. If the bullet exited his head, hence spraying blood, it should have gone through the window too. (00:55:00)

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Lethal Weapon 4 picture

Factual error: Riggs is shown using a laser-sight on his handgun throughout the entire movie. However, almost every single time he turns it on, the entire "beam" of the laser is visible, which doesn't happen in real life unless there is smoke/vapor/debris in the air. Obviously done for the sake of the audience seeing where the laser is pointed, but still a mistake.


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Les Miserables picture

Factual error: When Javert arrives in Paris to inform the Prefect that he has found Valjean, the government building displays the French Tricolour. This part of the film is set in 1823, during the Bourbon Restoration, so the flag should be the white, Bourbon flag.

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The Negotiator picture

Factual error: Adam Beck says "Kill the lights, unit one." They just don't shut off a main breaker but they cut the main wires. Then shortly afterwards the lights are back on again. It would have taken an electrician hours to replace the cut wires to the power. (01:44:25)


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Hard Rain picture

Factual error: When Christian Slater and Minnie Driver are trying to get out of the water before it reaches the transformer, there is a real big problem with this scene. If there really was a flood and it was rising that high, the city should have shut off the electricity to the entire city, to prevent any electric hazards that may happen in that situation.

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Fallen picture

Factual error: In the scene where Hobbes is talking to Reese in his cell, Reese talks to him in a foreign language. It's stated on at least two occasions that Reese is speaking Dutch. He isn't - he's speaking German.

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Black Dog picture

Factual error: When Swayze starts the truck, he turns a key and it starts. The key only switches on the electronics. Peterbuilts have a push button starter switch.


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The Big Hit picture

Factual error: When the hitmen shoot out the windshield of the yellow Firebird, it shatters into pieces and falls apart. All DOT windshields have a plastic coating on both sides of the glass so that it remains one big sheet, regardless of the many pieces the glass in-between shatters into. No US windshield in the last 40 years is tempered - they are all coated. Side and back glass are tempered. As for objects poking holes and other "possibilities", watch the film before suggesting things that do not occur in this specific crash.


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A Murder of Crows picture

Factual error: After we are shown an aerial shot of New Orleans, then we see the scene where Lawson Russell pulls up in a New Orleans cab outside of a skyscraper. The only problem is, the skyscraper is the Library Tower, which is situated in downtown Los Angeles. (00:38:00)

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The Big Lebowski picture

Factual error: This film takes place in the early 90's. When Walter and the Dude are talking about the toe in the cafe, you can see late model cars driving by on the street, such as a late model Ford Explorer and a Cadilac. This is also evident when the Dude gets kicked out of the cab and a mid '90s Nissan Maxima drives by.

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Rush Hour picture

Factual error: When Carter is meeting with Clive in a diner car park, as Clive is escaping in a car with a trunk full of C4, Carter starts shooting at the car. It eventually blows up leaving Clive badly injured. The explosion is caused by Carter's bullets reacting with the C4. However, C4 is inert and if a bullet hit it, it wouldn't create an explosion. You could also argue that this explosion was caused by Carter shooting Clive's gas tank, but this is another myth created by Hollywood to please audiences.

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The Siege picture The Siege mistake picture

Factual error: A computer screen is used to show that a matching record was found for the fingerprint of one of the terrorists. But the two prints shown are identical, meaning they are the same print, shown twice. In reality, a matching print would show the same patterns of skin texture, but the ink pattern, record quality, angle of the finger to the paper, would all vary. You can't make the exact same finger print twice. It's similar to you signature - it's always extremely similar, but never precisely the same. (00:31:40)


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Another Day in Paradise picture

Factual error: Mel tells Bobbie that his car is a Coupe De Ville. We see later in the movie that the car has four doors. The Cadillac is actually a Sedan De Ville.


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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels picture

Factual error: When Vinnie Jones goes to the guy having the sunbed he lifts the top of the bed up and smashes it down on the guy's face, breaking his nose and making it bleed. He does this a few times. The thing is, no sunbed's canopy will come down so low it could touch your face. Even fully closed, inside the sunbed will be enough room above your nose of at least 6-9 inches. Even if the sunbed's canopy is closed with a huge force, unless it breaks the bottom half off then there is no way the top half can touch your face. They are designed like this to prevent accidents.


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The Replacement Killers picture

Factual error: The sound effect used for Mr. Kogan's Desert Eagle for the shootout in the Chinatown kitchen is WAY too quiet. It almost sounds like a silenced pistol. Any gun buff knows how loud these hand cannons really are.

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Croupier picture

Factual error: When Jack arrives at a roulette table to replace Matt as the dealer, the roulette wheel is stationary. In UK casinos, it is never allowed to stop spinning at any point while the table is open.

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Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero picture

Factual error: The plot revolves on finding a matching organ compatible with Nora. Practically the only issue presented about it is the blood type compatibility, so let's go by that logic. In a misconception happening in so many works of fiction, the fact that she is an AB - is listed as a terrible problem because of how rare it is. It is indeed the rarest blood type in most parts of the world, but it's also the universal receiver and compatible with every other group.

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Rounders picture

Factual error: After Mike sets Worm up at the club and leaves, Worm asks for $2,000 of debt in Mike's name to sit at what was moments before identified as a $20/$40 limit game. The woman is next seen putting four rows of green $25 chips into a chip rack. A $20/$40 game would never be played with $25 chips because this denomination makes it very difficult or impossible to bet the required amount, at least without $5 chips to make change on every bet, which would be extremely tedious. Rather, $20/$40 games are played with $20 chips made specifically for games of those stakes, and they are usually yellow in color.

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Suggested correction: Maybe they don't have any of those left. In that case he could play with those.

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The Newton Boys picture

Factual error: The brothers are in a hotel room. Joe Newton is seen counting money using a "Baby Calculator." This particular calculator was manufactured by the Calculator Machine Company of Chicago, starting in 1939. The Newton gang's crime spree was from 1919 up until 1924 when they robbed the train outside of Chicago, so he was using a calculator that didn't exist yet. (00:30:30)

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