Best crime movie audio problems of 1998

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The Big Lebowski picture

Audio problem: When Walter is destroying the expensive sports car, the owner comes out of his house to stop him. You hear him screaming, but his mouth is not moving. (01:12:40)

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Hard Rain picture

Audio problem: When Jim has been pushed out of the boat by Sheriff in the church, his voice is heard echoing "no" at exactly the same time that he is spitting water out visually.

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Another Day in Paradise picture

Audio problem: When the gang are in the club and everybody is trying to persuade Mel to dance, Bobby opens his mouth and says "Dance Mel", but it's Melanie Griffith's voice that says the line.

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The Siege picture

Audio problem: In the beginning of the bedroom scene with Elise and her suspect client, the guy yells out "You let him hit me, I mean how can you let them hit me." But watch his lips when they first cut to him - they don't move until after he turns around. (00:40:00)

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Fallen picture

Audio problem: When Reese is in the chamber waiting to be gassed and singing "Time is on my side", the reflection in the glass shows him sitting totally stone-faced. His lips aren't moving at all.

Carol Davis
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American History X picture

Audio problem: At Cameron's party, when Derek is about to leave and Seth comes at him with a gun you can see Danny running down the stairs screaming at Seth, but his mouth doesn't move.

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Ronin picture

Audio problem: Near the beginning, when the group are discussing the plans for the ambush, Sam asks, "Can you get me a simulator?" When Gregor eventually says, "Quite diverting" his lips fail to move as he speaks. (00:13:40)

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