Best adventure movie visible crew/equipment of 1998

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The X-Files Movie picture

Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning when the "cavemen" are looking around after hearing the noise from the alien, you can clearly see what looks like a sneaker print in the ice, in 35,000 BC. (00:03:00)

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The Mask of Zorro picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the Dons are looking at the map of California, Zorro runs in and cuts it down, over all of the men. You can clearly see that strings are pulling it over the men. (01:36:00)

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The Man in the Iron Mask picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the very first scene, the boom mic is very obvious at the top of the screen.

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Small Soldiers picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Alan throws his father's broken radio into the box and he turns around to talk to the girl on the ladder, the reflection of a crew member wearing a white T-shirt can be seen in the monitor on the desk as the camera follows Alan. (00:30:40)

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Tarzan and the Lost City picture

Visible crew/equipment: Just after Tarzan goes under the stone door, he finds the torches dropped by the bad guys. The flame from one of the torches is reflected in the camera lens, and was caught on tape. It looks like a single, unattached flame is hovering on the stone wall nearby. This is made even better when Tarzan picks up the torch and then drops it, the reflection follows his movements precisely.

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Who Am I? picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jackie Chan is standing on top of the tower, and shouts "Who am I?", the camera starts to circle around him. When it does this, you can clearly see a guy in a white shirt standing underneath, and then hides away in the corner! It's really clear to see.

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