Best animated TV character mistakes of 1997

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It's Christmas in Canada - S7-E15

Character mistake: In the first scene, the Broslofskis are lighting their hanukiyah. It is the first night, and the lone non-shamash candle is on the far left side as they look at it. However, Hanukkah candles are placed in the hanukiyah starting from the right.


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Stressed for Success - S8-E19

Character mistake: Ben Stein asks a chemistry question about -273° Kelvin. The problem is, the scientific community never uses the word 'degrees' when referring to Kelvin. The correct way to say it would have been, "-273 Kelvin is also known as what?" Also Kelvin cannot be negative since 0 kelvin (approx -273° Celsius) is absolute zero.

Hysteria 1987

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Magical Express Murder Case: File 3 - S2-E12

Character mistake: In Akechi's flashback, the board with the flight for Los Angeles has accurate names of airline companies (they seem to have swapped "Virgin" with "Kristen", for some reason) but the flights for Seoul is from "KSREAN" Air, clear misspelling of "Korean." (00:14:15)

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