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Rocketman picture

Fred Randall: Sweet swirling onion rings.

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Anastasia picture

Dowager Empress Marie: You'll stop at nothing, will you?
Dimitri: I'm probably about as stubborn as you are.

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George of the Jungle picture

Narrator: And so, onward and upward the tired trekkers trudged on feverished footsies over perilous paths. When they beheld the mighty Ape Mountain, the reacted with awe.
Group: Awwww.
Narrator: I said, "Awe." A-W-E.
Group: Ooh.
Narrator: That's better.

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Cinderella picture

Cinderella: You know what the problem is with most people? They sit around wishing for something to happen instead of doing something about it.

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Mouse Hunt picture

Ernie: He's Hitler with a tail. He's "The Omen" with whiskers. Even Nostradamus didn't see him coming.

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Hercules picture

Hercules: Aren't you...a damsel in distress?
Meg: I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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Air Bud picture

Referee #1: Ain't no rules says a dog can't play basketball.
Coach: This is a joke, I mean dogs don't play basketball!
Chaney: What's the matter, afraid your team might get beat by a dog?
Coaches: Put him in.

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Good Burger picture

Ed: You got it.
Dexter: Got what? I'm swinging from a dang pipe.

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Home Alone 3 picture

Alice: You got hit with a book?
Earl Unger: Books. Plural a trunk, full of books. Then a set of weights. We got hit twice, you dumb broad.

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Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves picture

Wayne Szalinski: Diane, are you going to stay mad at me the whole time or are you going to try and make the best of this bad situation?
Diane Szalinski: I'm going to stay mad at you the whole time.

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The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island picture

Littlefoot: At least we're safe from the swimming sharp tooth.
Cera: Yeah, I'd much rather be eaten by the one that walks.

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Spice World picture

Ginger Spice: Now that's Girl Power.

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Flubber picture

Rutland Coach: Hey, are you blind? They're doin' something illegal out there.
Referee: Coach, nowhere in the rule book does it say anything about jumpin' too high. Now sit down.

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Leave It to Beaver picture

Gilbert Bates: Yo, I'm Gilbert. This summer, my parents shipped me off to camp. I caught impetigo. And when I got back, my dad had moved out. Only since then he moved back, but he's still sleepin' in my room and he's sleeping on the couch.

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Jungle 2 Jungle picture

Michael Cromwell: I should probably take some pictures of Mimi.
Richard Kempster: I can never have enough pictures of my kids. I have like, four hundred albums. I never look at them, but they exist... it's good, you know?

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Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie picture

Justin: Good thing you don't need a license to drive a Zord.

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Bean picture

Kevin Langley: Hey, what's wrong with Meat Loaf's butt?

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A Simple Wish picture

Murray: One wish per customer and no wishes for more wishes. They plugged that loophole up years ago. In past years there were abuses.

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That Darn Cat picture

Lizzie: I know karate.

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Tower of Terror picture

Chris 'Q' Todd: One word: forget it.

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