Best adventure movie audio problems of 1997

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park picture

Audio problem: The ship is going at full speed towards the coast - making a roaring engine sound. But when it hits the coast and stops, the sound of the engines stop too. Who turned them off? (01:46:25)

Jacob La Cour
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Anaconda picture

Audio problem: When Ice Cube hits the snake with a mattock, you hear a metal on metal sound.

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George of the Jungle picture

Audio problem: During the lion fight scene, George says "Here kitty, kitty, kitty" but his mouth does not move at all.

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Starship Troopers picture

Audio problem: When the troops are lined up on the fort's wall near the end preparing for the waves of bugs, Lt. Rasczak is walking at a fast pace behind them and shouts something before aiming his gun. Before he aims his gun, he is seen shouting the same thing as he walks past them, but there's no sound coming out of his mouth. (01:29:25)

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The Odyssey picture

Audio problem: When Tiresias describes Scylla to Odysseus he states, "She lurks in the shadows, hoping to fill her belly." However, when he says, "hoping to fill her belly," his lips don't match what he is saying.

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The Fifth Element picture

Audio problem: When the stewardess is telling the people that she's putting on the sleep regulator, they show a different shot, and you see in the background she's mouthing words that don't match up. (01:15:25)

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Hercules picture

Audio problem: During Phil's song, when he sings about mowing the lawn, his lips don't match what he's saying.

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The Game picture

Audio problem: When the ambulance goes to the hospital and the people disappear and he answers, "I'm sorry about that," you can see clearly that his lips don't actually move. (00:40:15)

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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery picture

Audio problem: When Austin and Mrs. Kensington are shooting at Dr. Evil after he gets into his Cryogenic Freezing Chamber, in the last shot before it shows the Big Boy shooting off of the club, many sounds of gunfire are heard, however, both Austin and Mrs. Kensington have appeared to have stopped shooting. (00:06:25)

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Kull the Conqueror picture

Audio problem: At the end of the film, when Kull raises his axe and says, "By this axe, I rule," his lips don't match when he says "By this."

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Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie picture

Audio problem: When Divatox is talking to Elgar, he suggests that they go back to looting and pillaging and Divatox exclaims "Never! Lerigot holds the only key to free Maligore!" However her mouth is clearly out of sync with the dialogue. (00:14:00)

Hamster Premium member
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Spice World picture

Audio problem: When the Spice Girls are in the hospital room with Nicola, talking about what it feels like to give birth, Mel B says "Oh" but her mouth doesn't move.

Hamster Premium member
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Tomorrow Never Dies picture

Audio problem: In the scene where James Bond and Wai Lin are introduced to Mr. Carver and Mr. Stamper, Carver says that when Stamper removes Bond's heart, " there should be just enough time for him to watch it stop beating". While saying this, he turns to walk towards his desk and his lips don't move at all. His quote was obviously added in post-production.

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