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3rd Rock from the Sun picture Video

My Mother The Alien - S2-E9

Other mistake: When Harry spits baby food on the baby (the camera lens in actuality) in retaliation for the baby spitting food on him and Tommy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt breaks character and laughs uncontrollably and looks at and gestures to off-screen crew members a couple times. (00:06:25)

Phaneron Premium member
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Everybody Loves Raymond picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Other mistake: The kitchen in Marie's and Frank's house is completely reversed in this episode than in the rest of the series.

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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Other mistake: In this episode, the Spellmens and Salem are sitting at the breakfast table. You can see Sabrina has a stack of pancakes in front of her. But in the episode Pancake Madness, they are forbidden in the Spellman home because of the effects that come from them.

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Dexter's Laboratory picture

Morning Stretch - S2-E11

Other mistake: The Time Expansion Helmet was supposed to allow Dexter to perform his 30 minute morning task in 30 seconds. Since this is the case shouldn't the cat have hit the fishbowl ages ago as time is not frozen.

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Hey Arnold! picture

Show generally

Other mistake: In the closed-captioning, when Arnold and Gerald "touch thumbs" (and you hear that "sproing" sound), the caption says "[glass shatters]"

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Martian Successor Nadesico picture

Hayasugiru 'Sayonara'! - S1-E3

Other mistake: In the original version, the Supreme Commander of the UE (United Earth) is addressing the assembly in English. Problem is, it's the Japanese version of English, with an obvious non-native speaker, and what he says is sometimes barely intelligible (when he says the Nadesico is "however going to head away", the last words sound like "ho ahoy", just to give an example).

Sammo Premium member
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Kenan & Kel picture

The April Fools - S4-E12

Other mistake: When Roger writes the note after Kel glues his mouth shut, Kenan reads back far more than Roger could realistically have written in the short amount of time he took to write it.

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Spin City picture

My Dinner with Caitlin (a.k.a. Christmas 1999) - S4-E12

Other mistake: When Caitlin talks about Mike's "famous party mix, " she can apparently tell that there are croutons in it, but they are all completely covered by the Fruit Loops. (00:12:00)

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Blue's Clues pictureBlue's Clues mistake picture

Blue Wants to Play a Game - S1-E12

Other mistake: The jigsaw puzzle Steve and Blue help Shovel and Pail with has a picture of everyone playing musical chairs from the Mailbox's Birthday episode, but Steve suddenly isn't in the puzzle. He played musical chairs, so he should've been in the puzzle.

Matthew Johnson
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