Best drama movie audio problems of 1996

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Fargo picture

Audio problem: When Carl is being beat up by Shep, Shep is shouting a whole bunch of obscenities and gibberish at Carl, but during several shots where we see his face, the audio is not matched up to what he is shouting.

manthabeat Premium member

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Chain Reaction picture

Audio problem: During the chase scene at the science museum, there is a shot where an FBI Agent reports on a disturbance there. If you watch closely, you can see where he originally said the "Smithsonian", and the audio was dubbed to say "science museum". (01:08:20)

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Stealing Beauty picture

Audio problem: When everyone is eating breakfast, Alex says "Would you pass the sugar, Noemi", but his mouth doesn't move at all.

Hamster Premium member

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The Long Kiss Goodnight picture

Audio problem: When Charlie is driving the truck, you see her press the brake, but you hear the engine rev.

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Tin Cup picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie when Roy finally makes the shot, The scene cuts to Molly on the side and she has her mouth open as she's screaming, but you hear her voice saying "I LOVE YOU".


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D3: The Mighty Ducks picture

Audio problem: Right after the final buzzer, Julie the Cat skates out of the goal and pushes off her helmet, yelling "all right". She's smiling and her lips don't move.

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Freeway picture

Audio problem: When Bob runs from Vanessa, out of the car after being shot, Vanessa shoots her gun, and we see the bullet hit the floor, with the audio of gunfire to match it. Then audibly we hear Vanessa shot the gun two more times, however visibly three bullet-holes appear in Bob's brown coat, so they forgot the audio for one of the bullet-fire, also revealing that Bob was probably wearing squibs.

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Jerry Maguire picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Jerry and Dorothy are having dinner at a restaurant, Dorothy leaves the table to make a phone call. While she is on the phone the Mexican musicians come over to Jerry and start playing music at their table. At one point, the shot is on Jerry with the violin player standing behind him. In the song they are playing you can hear the sound of the violin playing, but at the same time the violin player standing behind Jerry drops his violin and is holding it at waist level while the song is still playing. Since he is the only violin player there is no way we should still be hearing it in the song.

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Striptease picture

Audio problem: When the band is playing, the vocals doesn't fit the singer's lip movements. (00:46:40)


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Twister picture

Audio problem: When the two storm chasing crews have stopped at the Hot Pit Bar-B-Q, in the shot where Bill runs over to beat up Jonas for supposedly stealing his design for Dorothy, Jonas's mouth is not moving and yet we hear him continuing to talk about DOT 3. (00:19:45)

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Doctor Who: The Movie picture

Audio problem: As the Doctor is being wheeled through the emergency doors, the emergency room doctors are giving orders about what to do, but none of their lips are moving.


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Diabolique picture

Audio problem: Isabelle, in the bathroom, turns the bath on, then proceeds to have a heart attack. Slowly people come in and help her take her pills. No-one goes near the bath, and yet the sound of the running water is no longer there.


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Eye for an Eye picture

Audio problem: Just before Sally Field screams about the smell being washed out of her daughter's pillow, take a look at the little girl eating breakfast. She tells her father that she doesn't like bananas but you can tell she said something else and then laughed and said "I mean." while trying to hide her laughter. Although it was an obvious mistake she did a good job of covering it up.

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Dragonheart picture

Audio problem: During the battle in the forest, Kara remarks, "Like a pudding", but her lips hardly move.

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The Craft picture

Audio problem: Nancy shouts, "Yay Chris! Go long! Go for the pass, baby!" at football practice, and her voice is so distorted that the viewer can easily tell the line was added post-production (with too much gain).

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Eraser picture

Audio problem: As Lee walks into the Cyrez building, the camera pans up to the top of the building, where a helicopter is landing. The problem is that it is an Apache attack chopper that is seen landing, but the sound is of an OH-58, a smaller chopper.

Movie Nut

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Jane Eyre picture

Audio problem: In the fire scene, Rochester is barefoot when he puts out the fire, stops to put on his pants, but you can hear that he is wearing shoes when he walks away. (00:49:00)

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The Glimmer Man picture

Audio problem: When Cole says "Boring" during the end fight scene, his mouth does not move.

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